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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sexy Bitch Cosmetics Review! (High-End)

Hi Bellas'

I am coming to you today with a product review on an Awesome Cosmetic Line; Sexy Bitch! Yes you read it right! I just so happen to come across these fabulous cosmetics on Google, looking for another Company. To be honest the name immediately caught my attention. So of course I had to browse the site and I am happy that I did! Sexy Bitch carries a  large variety of eyes, face and lip products. For instance, they have a three in one  Lip Definer, Lipgloss and Lipstick set called "Menage a` Trios." The name truly speaks for itself! 8) I see this is a MUST HAVE! They also have Triple Coverage Foundation, Concealer and a gorgeous  universal Highlighter for all skin tones,

However, This review is about their Wow eyshadow in "Fantasia." A gorgeous purple with a slight pink undertone. It is a matte shadow and very pigmented!!!! The texture is soo soft and semi-creamy and very easy to blend and it can be used wet or dry. The color pay-off is true to it being in the pot. I really love this shadow so much!! As for as the package, its very simple & sleek but girly; love the  black & hot pink theme!! The pot is thinner than a Mac pot, but wider. Another comparison to Mac is, they both contain 1.5 grams in product. If you're tired of the same old cosmetic line and would like to incorporate something new and fresh into your personal collection or makeup kit, Sexy Bitch is definitely a Great Choice! Here is the swatch and shadow in the pot.......

Here is more natural light

Artificial Light

I really hope all my Bff's enjoyed this review. I hope to bring more reviews of this line because they are worth it! I truly believe that Sexy Bitch Cosmetic needs much more recognition due to their fabulous line. So Go check them out, browse the site to see other products that were not mentioned in this review!!!
To Browse or Shop Click Here

Thanks Sexy Bitch Cosmetics for allowing me to do this review 8)
All opinions are my own and I am no way affiliated with the Company

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Green Goblin Diva Holloween FOTD (Requested)

Good Morning

I have not posted in awhile; there's so much going on with me! I am  trying to create my online boutique "FabuLust Fashions." This is where I will feature customize shoes(Heels) with Swarvoski Crystals and other embellishments; as well as fashionable accessories. But enough of that, here is my Holloween Inspired Look!

I used the Coastal Scents 88 Palette to create most of the look and Some pigments from  Spectrum Cosmetics.

Thanx to all my Bff's <3xo<3xo<3xo

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Here; Conservatorie Brush Review! 1st Impressions

The Conservatorie
Cosmetic Manufacturer

last week, surfing the web for make-up brushes, I ran across a site called "The Conservatorie." This is a cosmetic manufacturer company that sells raw ingredients such as, Micas, Bases, Empty Packaging(5gm & up jars)  and brushes at wholesale. I visited the site quite curious about their brush line. Let me start by saying this, The brush line is broken down into Synthetic, Badger hair, Kabuki's, Brush sets, Brush pouches, and Individual brushes. I decided to get a few synthetics and badgers; all eye brushes. I also went with the 7-pc travel badger set, 2 empty jars and 2 pigments.

However, this review will only be about the brushes I received! The shipping was extremely fast, taking into consideration, they are based on the west and I am on the east coast. The brushes came in a small zip-lock type bag with each brush individually wrapped in a clear plastic protective package.However, I did remove the individual wrapping so I could wash them and test for shedding and dyes.
On to the review! First, I have to say that I really like the way these brushes feel; very sturdy! The Ferrule is double stitched and the handle is wood, with a black glossy finish. I also, can say that the hairs on the badgers are extremely soft, as well as the sythnetics.

SideNote: If you like Coastal Scents Brushes; These are better in my opinion!

Pony Chisel Mini Smudger $2.00
Perfect for smokey, very narrow

Synthetic Angle Brow & Liner $1.56
Out of the review, these are the brushes I like the least. They are both identical, even though one may be slightly wider than the other. However, these brushes are very coarse and  I would not advise that they should not be used to apply liner on the lid. In my opinion, I think they will be great for the filling in brows with shadows or liners.

Synthetic Crease $2.36
I LOVE IT! Is to sum it up in words! I chose this particular  brush for blending and crease work! This is the true test because it will tell if the brush application is good. Blending is very important when applying eyeshadows, therefore, a good crease, blending brush will help execute a flawless look! This is the only one with a nickel plated ferrule. A really nice brush and very soft.

Badger Blending Fluff $1.80
 This is also another brush  I will use to soften harsh lines. As for these badgers they are really easy to work with. I love this one as well:)

Badger Deluxe Crease $2.36
Again, another badger brush that is used for blending and crease work. I cant wait to use these on my clients, knowing that the brush hairs are soft and I will not have to worry about the hairs feeling scratchy! Another must have for my kit!

My overall opinion about The Conservatorie Brushes.......I am happy that I discovered them<3! They are very affordable, Professeional, and does the JOB! Reminder, that these are wholesale prices, so the more you buy; the more for your buck$$. As for washing them, no to minimal shedding(Literally). No dye bleeding as well and no harsh smell, which is always great!

If anyone may be interested in the site and would like to browse their page; just click their bannner in the upper right hand corner, or follow this link; You will not regret it:)

Part 2 of my review on the 7-piece travel set for $10.95
Coming Soon......

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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Review Coming This Week!
Plus Hot Pot 12 Swatches & Magnetic Palette

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Happy Bey-day Beyonce!

This is a really short blog about Mrs. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter! Today is her birthday September,4 1981. As a fan and a fellow Virgo; I am sending my Birthday wishes! She is the BIG 30 and just recently announced her pregnancy to the world! Congrats to Bey!

SideNote; My Birthday is tomorrow; my Husbands was the 3rd

Happy Birthdays to all the Virgos!

The Conservatorie Brush Review Tuesday!

God Bless~

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish In Soul Mate#945

I have noticed that out of my Sinful Colors Haul, I purchased quite a few pink polishes. Now, usually, I am not a big fan of pink; however, pink nail polishes are my new fave! The Sinful Colors Walgreens sale has allowed me to experiment with colors I  typically wouldnt care for. This color  I am reviewing is called Soul Mate; a creamy pink with a slight peach undertone. I have noticed on lighter skin tones it pulls more peachy color. Like all Sinful Colors nail polish most are a hit rather than a miss. I enjoy this color; it has a very girly feel:)
Here are the swatched

Application Coats: 3
Top Coat: 1
Drying Time: Appx. 8-10 w/o dryer

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail POlish In Timbleberry

This is a part of the Sinful Colors nail polish haul, which I purchased from Walgreens about a week ago. I really enjoy SC because they have a huge color variation. Enough with the rambling, on to the swatches!

Now, the color is coming out a bit more Orange, However, it is actually a combo of Coral-Pink-ish color. The color in my opinion is very pretty! The application is creamy and is easy to apply.In some cases with SC polishes, sometimes the polish can be a little hard to work with but I found this to quite easy. The drying process did take some time but when dried; it dried with a shine, not flat like other SC polishes. I applied 3 coats and one top coat. Drying time is about 5-8 minutes, ONLY, Because I wanted the true color to be seen with 3 coats.

I have been really getting into these sinful color nail polishes, and I just waould like to contribute my swatches for people who may be interested in certain nail polish colors.....:) pay it foward!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mickey Mouse Me Nail Polish (Ruby Kisses)

About a month ago, I went to my local Beauty supply store for some NYX jumbo Pencils. I always glance the Ruby Kisses section for their primer or lippies. Well, in the nail polish display, I noticed a new line of HD polishes. Very bright vibrant colors; hard to miss. To be quite honest, out of all the colors, one particular color stood out to me the most. It is a very pretty mauvey-lavender pinkish color. I would love to find a lipstick in this color. On to the review, Shall we!
Love this color as a neutral or I would say nude for the nails. The polish is very rich and pigmented. The brush is wide, so application is even, and creamy.  I only applied 2 coats  and color is true to the bottle. I aslo love the name. I didnt realize the name until waaayy after I purchased it. Then it made me like it a little more. These polishes are definitely different from the other Ruby Kissed polishes  in the square bottle. The consistency is much creamier and long lasting. Well here it is

This is my review of the Ruby Kisses HD Nail Polish In "Mickey Mouse Me." I truly love the color so  much I will be purchasing a few more. Oh, btw, these polishes are only $2 bucks....(*_-).  If you like Sinful Colors, or the other Ruby Kisses N/P then you would love these. If any one my Bella Beauties out there has already tried these polishes and let me know what colors are a must have from this line!
Thnx 4 Stopping by Bella Beauties
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish In Cream Pink Review

Okay, this is going to be short brief & sweet. I went to Walgreens where they are having a .99cents Sinful Colors Nail Polish sale from 8-14 to 8-20. If anyone know like I know, they are a great dupe for higher end polishes. I love the fact that they have a huge color selection; they have really catchy names as well.  Well, I went to Walgreens and picked up five colors, however this review is only about Cream Pink.  The color is like a hot pink with a very light minimal gold sparkle( hardly recognizable).  It is truly a fun inspired color and that was one of the reason I had to add it to my collection. At one point in my life, I couldnt stand pink, however, I have grown to really appreciate the girly-ness of pink. I am so happy that I chose this color. I only had to apply 2 coats and 1 top coat. The color is true to the color in the bottle, thats a plus for me. My overall opinion, I LOVE IT! This is a girl just wanna have fun kinda color:))

Let me know what sinful colors nail polishes you like!

Thank you BFF's for stopping by:)

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mac's Lustre Lipstick in "Lovin It" Dupe

I have been trying to find dupes for certain lipsticks, from a variety of different cosmetic companies. This dupe was sitting in my face, literally! I was sitting at my vanity, deciding on which lipstick I would wear for the day. I decided to go with Rimmel's "Precious Brown." A really sheer brownish-nude with slight peachy undertones and minimal sparkle, a gorgeous color.Then it hit me! The day before I used Mac's Lovin It and the color was almost exact. I decided to compare both lipsticks and see was this an actual dupe.

Rimmel's 680 Precious Brown
Brown-Peach rusted/nude with minimal shimmer,
Sheer application
Warm Undertones
Light Scent/Pleasant
Cute Packaging
Where to buy:Walmart & other drug stores

Mac's Lovin' It
Sheer brownish-coral with a light shimmer
Lustre Finish
Warm Undertones
Light Vanilla Scent
Classic Mac Package
Where to buy (Discontinued) CCO

These 2 lipsticks are very similar in color, both are considered a brown nude. If anyone was interested in purchasing Lovin It; Precious Brown is the closes dupe, in my opinion! But I let you be the judge.....

Precious Brown/Close-up

Lovin It/Close-up
Skin Swatches

Top(precious brown) Bottom(lovin it)
Lip Swatches

Top Lip(Precious Brwn)
Bottom Lip(Lovin It)
I am please to know that Lovin It is dupable, because it is discontinued and ONLY found at SOME ccos, and the nearest cco it about an hour away:( So instead of driving all the way there, waste gas, for it to possibly not be there; I can just go to Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Target, which is 5 min away to buy a less expensive dupe:))

Just wanted to share this with my Bff's
Thnx to all my bff's 4 stopping by(*_-)

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Traditional Smokey Eye

Pic Belong to Google Images

One of the best looks that make-up artist have created is the "Smokey Eye." This look first debut in the late 90's spiraling into a creative make-up artist/amature frenzy in the mid 2000's. Celebrities such as Kim K, Beyonce and Victoria Beckham have sported this eye crazed dark & sultry look.

The Smokey Eye can be dramatic and intense or worn soft & natural, Totally depends on your preference. However, some will agree to disagree that Dark & Sultry is an evening to night time look and soft and natual should be worn as a daytime look. A smokey eye done dramatic totally depends on the person who owns the look. Some consider, dark & sultry smokey eye as dark browns to black eyeshadow with light application, however the same dark brown and black eyeshadows can be done androgynous, again total depends on the person! Other colors such as dark Purples, Blues, Greens, are also considered  dark & Sulty smokey eye as well.

Pic belongs to Google Images
 What I consider a Daytime smokey are browns, taupes, soft greys, very earth tones eyeshadows. For a soft & natural smokey eye, I usually like to apply 2 shadows, one lighter color part one third of the lid, then on the outer v, a darker color, not too dark, but a color that marries the lighter eyeshadow, in other words, a complimentary color. This particular smokey can be done with a wide range of colors, which make it so much fun! Furthermore, this very same look can go from daytime to evening just by darkening the shadows, which is the superwoman time saver for the women on the go!

Pic is not mine/ Google Images
 I am a true smokey look eye! I truly believe this is a universal make-up look for all ages that "I" see being around for awhile. The smokey look can be worn in sooo many different colors, how can one get bored! Some smokey eyes depends on different eyeshadow finishes, but until you venture into trying different products and finishes you will not know what u like or what works for you!

My Traditional smokey look is an udpp or estee lauder's double wear in ivory lace:
Nyx Jumbo Penci Dark Brown= Blend all over lid up towards crease(sockets)
Nyx Jumbo Pencil Black Bean= Only on lid/ then blend out harsh lines
Coastal Scents 28 Palette Black= Apply to lid then lightly blend(not too much)
Nyx Single Shadow Brown= Blend from where black ends on crease, then soften
Mac Dreammaker= brow bone/ inner corner
Optional: I add a little bit of Spectrum Cosmetics Black radiation(blk with fine gold sparkle) to the lid to let the black pop.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

NYX Jumbo Pencil Collection

Of Course, If your a YT junkie like myself, then you already know all about the NYX Jumbo pencils. For a loooooong time I have been living under a rock, when it comes down to the large numbers of make-up/cosmetic companies out there. Being a True New Yorker, I thought I was able to find just about errything in the city, but to my surprise, I was in the dark! Not until I moved from the big city to the South and became a YouTube Addict, Internet Fiend and a Blog Lover, is when I discovered the underworld of great affordable make-up, like, NYX.
 No longer able to have so many different options at my feet, I realized, I had to order online. For instance, the nearest Mac Counter is an hour away, My cco is a little over an hour. We do have dept stores, that carry Estee Lauder and Lancome, etc, but not many options if u get my point! So Cherry Culture was my first Target. About 2 yrs ago, I went crazy with the NYX brand and glad that I discovered it! I also found some ebay sellers where I can Buy more for less. However, I went to my cco and to my surprise they carried NYX so I racked up. Just recently went into my BSS store and they have the NYX jumbo pencils for 2 bucks, much cheaper than buying online. So glad that NYX is starting to expand their brand! Funny thing is I have asked some of my friends and relatives in NYC and  no one had heard of it!!! I guess to much competition...hum??

Here are my growing collection of  Jumbo Pencils:
2 Nyx Lip Jumbo Pencils
1.729 Chestnut
2.725 Hazelnut

9Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils
1.616 Pacific/Blue metallic
2.612 Gold
3.606 Baby Blue/ Light blue metallic
4.602 Dark Brown/Matte
5.601 Black Bean/Matte
6.613 Lemon/Green/Gold metallic
7.605 Strawberry Milk Pink/metallic
8.607 Horse Raddish Similar to Lemon
9.610 Oyster pink/ Lavendar/ blue irredescent color

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Sinful Colors Nail Polish In Unicorn

Browsing YT, this past weekend LalaHunnie06 announced that Walgreens had a Sinful Colors nail polish sale for 99 cents. I literally jumped up and went to walgreens. Well, since the sale started on Easter, not  much of a selection.(Why do I seem to get the scoop I had to  make the best of my trip. There was a limit, can only purchase three..Day 1, I purchased 3. Day 2, I purchase 3 and had my grandmother purchase the other 3. Here is the list:
1.Unicorn(pastel yellow)
2.Vacation Time(brown pink)
3.Why Not(Blue)
4.Whats Your Name(Black With Teal Glitter)
5.Beautiful Girl(carnation pink)
6.Pink Forever(barbie pink)
7.Easy Going(very pale white pink)
8.Nirvana(smoky brown)
9. Rise & Shine(very deep teal-ish color)

However, this review is about the polish Unicorn
I purchased this color because I don't quite have anything like this in my collection. The closes color match I possess would be, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, and that is a tad bit more yellow than pastel. I love<3 pastel colors and my recent nail polish purchases have  been mostly pastels, or bright spring and summer colors. I like the packaging , simple is always better for me, I particularly do not care for square shaped  bulky nail polish bottles(Takes up too much space.) Sinful Color nail polishes regularly cost 2 to 3 bucks in most stores, which is a bargain and usually can  find their colors as dupes for Opi, and China Glaze. Case in point, Unicorn is a Dupe for China Glaze Lemon Fizz.

Dots are Sally Hansen Sunset(Orange) Ruby Kisses Kiss & Teal(blue)
and Sinful Colors Nirvana(Brown)
The first application is sheer, but by 3rd coat very pigmented. This nail polish is very creamy. Honestly, I thought I would not care for the color and thought it would be a miss for me, only because a color like this is hard to work with, but im impressed! I had to put a little extra to it with the polka dots, because it looked a little too flat for my liking, Even though, I prefer nail polishes with a matte finish. Overall, would I repurchase....YESSSS!

The next Review: Sinful Colors(Rise & Shine)

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Ruby Kisses Nail Polishes

I went to my local Beauty Supply Store(BBS) to get a few trinkets, and on display were the Ruby Kisses nail polishes. Such a variety of bright spring colors, that's what actually drew my attention to them. They are so pretty!! Just my shopaholic's luck they were on sale..:)). Usually Ruby Kisses nail polishes range from 2 to 3 bucks, well they were ONLY .99 cents....Yesssssssss! I only picked up the four colors that really said "BUY ME" But I will Be back(in my terminator's voice.)

Teal Envy
 The colors I chose are: (From left to right)
1."Look At Me Purple
2.Teal Envy
3.Tropical Blend
4.Pinked Out

These nail polishes are very creamy, has good coverage, I applied 2 coats to get true color.They seem to have a semi-gloss finish, which I like! The application goes on smooth, and dries in fairly decent time. The fact that my hands stay in water alot of the times, it's hard for me to tell how long these nail polishes last, and the fact that I change colors often. For these nail polishes to be only .99 cents, they are so worth buying again & again.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prizes for YouTube Giveaway

Hair, Nails  & Face Giveaway

Here is the list of prizes:
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2 Lipsticks of these brands Rimmel, Maybelline, Wet&Wild, Hard Candy, Revlon (Pinks,Nudes, Pinkish-Browns)
1 Blush, Hard Candy Blush(Living Doll)
1 WetNWild Mega Length Mascara
2 Milani Eyeshadows
1 Elf Shadow Brush
1 Elf Blending Brush

5 Nail Polishes from Sally Hansen & WetNWild or Ruby Kisses
Spring Colors, bright,and pastels 1 Clear Coat

Head bands,Scruunches, hair clips

Jewelry accessories,Random things, earrings, braclets, or necklace.

Thanks to all who have entered my contest:))
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Good Luck!


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Friday, April 15, 2011

DIY Facial Scrub

Pic Belongs to Google Images
The Picture above does not belong to me, however, I have my own personal DIY(do it yourself) facial scrub concoction,which works wonders! I use all natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen or a supermarket. I have combination skin,and sometimes can be very stubborn to products. I do not have sensitive skin, but have realized that some products I have purchased have irritated my skin. So, I went on a journey to find the best homeade facial scrub, and I have found it! Remember, all skin types are different, so what works for me may not work for you! I purchased a few "so called" organic facial products that claim to be so natural(i'm a no and have read the back of the jar, container whatever it's packaged in,and all I find is ingredients that a science lab tech could only know the meaning of it!

What I used to create the facial scrub
1.Sugar/ not too fine/brown  or white
3.Green Tea
5.Olive Oil/Virgin
6.Vitamin E Oil
8.Coffee Grind/ Optional
Mix together until it becomes paste-like, and that's it!

I actually wet my  face with cold water, then take a small amount(quarter-size) and rub all over the face,wash with cold water. This is Great for dry skin, because it moisturizes, however, for combination to oily you may want to use a toner after, to draw out some of the oil. The budget friendly thing about this is, you can make as much as you need without keep re-purchasing...uhmmm Money Saver!

If anyone has any other great DIY ideas, please feel free to share!

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Thank You

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Immunity; Natural Ways to Strengthen The Immune System

I have been on  a mission to change my diet! As I get older I realize, what I put into my body determines my health & longevity in living. I'm not going to get all "Nutrionist"on my Bff's But here are a just a few natural or vitamins that can help build the immune system.which fights off common cold, viruses and a host of other possibly harmful microbial infections,or inflammation.  Everything listed below contains STRONG anti-oxidants,which are known to help boost, nerve,mental,digestive,mobilty and a healthy immune system.

Kiwi(Vitamin C +)
Fish Oil(Omega3 Omega6) fatty acids like red salmon
Carrots(beta Carotene)
Lemmon Juice(Vitamin C)
Pistachios(highly recommended) high in anti-oxidants
Figs(potassium & manganese)
Wheat,Whole Grain(pasta,bread)
Green Tea

To all my Bff's I hope you all found this to be informative, maybe we can incorporate this in our everyday life. I pray for good health & longevity to all!

If you have any other health foods that you would like to share, please feel free!

Thank you

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Hobby Lobby Fave Blush Brush

Master's Touch 1"425 Oval Mop

Tapered Sable Hair
 As we all know, Craft stores & art supply stores come in handy, for make-up addicts. I have found some really inexpensive crafty products in stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Just recently, I went to Hobby Lobby to pick out some glitters, basically browsing; when I ran across some brushes by a company called "Master's Touch." This company has many different types of brushes, however, this particular one caught my eye. This Oval Mop brush is AMAZING!!!  It's so soft, picks up product precise,and just enough! It has quite a long handle, but does not affect anything. At first,I didnt like the shellac wood handle, but it actually grew on me; I prefer black handle brushes. Washing was excellent, almost no-shedding or didnt have to worry about dyes, which is a plus!
The cost of the brush was $10.99, however, Hobby Lobby was having a %50 Off sale at the time, so I paid less than 6 bucks...(I should have bought more)
How would I rate this brush....uhmmmmm ........a freaking 4+ I love this brush for applying blush. If you gals  or guys have a Hobby Lobby Or Michaels, go and check it out! I promise it will be so worth it!

Btw...I also purchased a full set of detail brushes from Master's Touch, for miscellaneous things and they work great as well!

Thank you to my Bff's....Muah! <3<3<3
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FOTD...Neutral NYX & MAC

Neutral FOTD

So, this is the look that I came up with for bridal make-up. I actually think its a smokey without all the!

What I'm Wearing
Eyes: Urban Decay P/P(sin)
Nyx Single shadow(Champagne) 1/3 of lid
Mac Shadow(Flourishing) Greenish color-Outer V
Mac Shadow Suite(Sweet Liason) Highlights inner corner-Brow bone

Cheeks: Jordanna Blush(Terra Cotta)

Lips: Nyx(Heredes) Nars(Orgasm)

Foundation: Revlon Colorstay (Amber & Cappuccino)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

FOTD....Purple Smokey

This is my face of the day look! I Love the color!

What i'm wearing Eyes
Urban Decay Primer(Sin)
Sinful Colors Trio Palette(4Seasons Purple)
Elf Single Shadow(Charcoal Grey)
Highlight Color Mac(Kitchmas)
Eyeliner (Lavender Ice)


NYX Liner(Coffee)
NYX L/S(Iced lavender & America)

Revlon's Colorstay
Amber & Cappuccino

Smashbox Hybrid 2&1Primer(Bare Canvas)

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Friday, April 8, 2011

I Finally Found-ation!

Queenie Keisha's Beauty blog
For the longest, I have not worn foundation, because it was so hard to find the correct color match, formula, something without making my skin itch, and very light coverage. The funny thing is, I have tried soooooo many different brands to be disappointed!! But as of yesterday, experimenting like a Mad Scientist,I finally got it!
Okay, I purchased the Revlon's Colostay in Cappuccino & Amber a few weeks ago, mixed the two together, the concoction was good. A little too dark, so I had to add a little more of the amber to lighten it up a bit! I actually got this idea from "Holmique".We are very close in complexion and she used the same color cappuccion except she mixed hers with caramel. But anyway, I had to mix and mix until I matched the color perfectly...Voila! I  thought I could never get away with wearing Foundation, but now it looks like I'm not wearing any,rather than before, looking ashy, grey, or like a mortician did my
I probably will not wear foundation all the time, but its good to know that I have that option and feel comfortable!
If anyone has any suggestions about any other foundation that is good high-end or drug store,Please let me know! Im pretty sure I could find something better, if not, im satisfied with this...For now!

Can anyone tell me if they ever used the Revlon's Colorstay Foundation, and what are the pros & cons???

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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Until 2 weeks ago, I've never  heard of Sp3ctrum Cosmetics. I was on FB and Badassplatinum posted Sp3ctrum cosmetics on her wall because they were having and still having a $1 day sale on pigments. She always post all make-up sales, promo codes and bunch of other goodies, for her YT & FB friends...Thnx:))
Well I decided to try Sp3ctrum Cosmetics out!  The  Owner is Amber Rose(not her) and she's an esthetician from California. She creates mineral make-up that is FDA approved and non pore clogging. Sp3ctrum Cosmetics also supports Autism Research, which 30% of all proceeds are donated...Love It!
When I went to the site, I saw a link to Sp3ctrum's YT Channel. Amber Rose has videos about Sp3ctrum cosmetics and  her eyeshadow line. Speaking on the eyeshadows, they are so pretty and Vibrant and I LOVE how she named them...ex. A Woman's Secret(Purple-ish color) Black Body Radiation(Black-Multi sparkle) Caution(Bright-yellow Gold).
So I decided to take advantage of the $1day sale. I purchased 14 sample size shadows because those are the ones on sale for a buck, this way I'm able to check out a few shadows. The Pressed shadows are 5 bucks and loose pigments are 10 bucks. They do carry other things like, glitter, lipgloss, palettes ,and she also customizes shadows of your choice...that's great!
Here is  the list of what I purchasesd:  *Reminder these are sample size 5gm Jar with 1.02 gram of eyeshadow*
1.Sugared Belgian Waffle
4.Black Body Radiation
5.A Woman's Secret
6.The Woman In Black
7.Pink Kryptonite
8.Red Velvet Mud Pie (2x)
9.Take Off Your Cool
10. Rokk'n The Beat
11.Down Home Voodoo
12.4 Am Parking Lot
13. Urban Chic

Here are swatches:

4 Am Parking Lot/Light Green with gold sparkle

Urban Chic/ Black with purple& Turquoise sparkle

Blk Body Radiation/ blk with multi-sparkle

Down Home Voodoo/Brwn with Teal Reflex

Brown With Copper-tone Reflex

Take Off Your Cool/Soft Blue With Light Blue Sparkle

Magenta Pink/With Metallic Finish

Caution/ Bright Yellow with Yellow multi Sparkle

A Woman's Secret/ Dark Plum Purple With Hot pink & blue sparkle

Sugared Belgian Waffle/ Brwn-Peach Champagne

Famous/ Muted Gold With gold-multi sparkle

Red Velvet Mud Pie/Purple-Burgandy with Hot pink Sparkle

The Woman In Black/ Black With Red & Pink sparkle
My Review, I really like these shadows alot; I like the way she blended the colors together so well. I did swatch some on my hand and the pigmentation have a great punch, however ,must apply a base in order for shadows to be vibrant and stick. I truly have no complaints about these pigments, and I'm very happy with my purchase and I plan to order a few more is the link....Go And check it out!!!

I  will create a few looks with these shadows on my YT Channel for tutorials!

Thanx to all my BFF's

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