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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dollar Tree Again.....But E.L.F Was There!

So, this is how it happened, I went to Dollar Tree to get wrapping paper, right; I can't help but to browse the cosmetic isle. I was looking for some Maybelline Lipsticks that I had purchased yesterday, when I saw E.L.F Studio line lipglosses for only 1 dollar...what? They had the lip stains(miss for me) and the Minty lipglosses which each are named after a  major City. I already have Nashville and Miami from a previous order from a 50% off sale @ e.l.f. So this was my chance to try some of the other lippies. I only purchased two, New York and Boston, which I happen to like. I will go back and get some of the other colors like, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego and Chicago. For now I will review New York and Boston.

Studio Line

New York
Love the color, bright, sparkley fushia-sh hot pink color. Very different from what I would normally buy, but for the buck why not? These lipglosses can be worn with or without lipstick; I tried both! I combined New York with e.l.f's Mineral L/S in Barely Bitten, great combo...:D, I also love the Minty fresh feeling on the lips, it feels really nice! I also like the fact that the color is not overbearing and very sheer, but at the same time buildable.

This Lipgloss is  a plum, brown-ish, multi sparkles, toned down kind of color. This is a color that I would wear everday with or without lipstick. I have dark pigmented lips, so this gives it just enough color. I combined e.l.f's Bare Brown and Rosy Raisin, both I like! I can't wait to try the others..;)

My over all review of these lipglosses, they are pretty good! They are not too thick and sticky, but not greasy like vaseline. It actually last for awhile, w/o me having to constanly re-apply.....yay! For me to find these Studio Liipglosses saves me money, from ordering from the site S&H 6.95, online price 3.00, and with a 50% off code 1.50.....I am  a step ahead by only paying 1buck!

I think this would be great stocking stuffers, for my friends and younger ladies.
I will for sure post pics of the other lippies as well. BTW, I purchased ten Maybelline lipsticks the day before, I will post pics of everything I purchased ASAP!

Here are the Swatches on paper

To My Bff's
Thank you,

Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!

Monday, November 29, 2010

NYX Trio Palette Review & Swatches

Ooh, It's really starting to get nippy outside! In the early morning is the coldest, this is the only time of year (in the south) that truly reminds me of the New York atmosphere.:(

So, This is my review on the NYX Trio Palettes. I really like these palettes because of the packaging, wide range of colors, texture and price!

Great color pay-off
Smooth Texture
Mirror Package
Easy to blend
Hypoallergenic/Cruelty free

May be too shimmery/Metallic Finish
Not enough Matte colors
Only Online(in some states)
Hard to Depot(texture too soft)

In my all honesty, I think NYX Trio Palettes are very decent, and for three e/s in one palette the price is superb! I ordered 5 palettes, on Oct.26th from Cherry Culture for 5.99 each (with 20% off the entire purchase). NYX Cosmetics is running a 50% off special on their site it ends today@ 12am CST. For my East Coast Bff's, We have Up until 3:00am to place an order.:)

Here are some swatches:

Sweet Lagoon/Ocean/Aqua

Rock & Roll

Aloha/Deep Bronze/Mink Brwn


Spring Leaf/Green Tea/LimeGreen
Some of the swatches appear to be a little washed out, Sorry about that; However, they are highly pigmented. My fave is Dune, love the color combo! I hope all my Bff's enjoyed these swatches; I will post eyeshadow looks for each palette very soon...
Thank you  my Bff's<3
Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Cherry Culture Haul Finally Came!!

Well, actually my package came a few days ago, but I'm just getting around to doing the review. I placed the order on October 30th; the package arrived Nov.17th, rather long but it was shipped from the West Coast. Cherry Culture is running a special for the holiday's 20% off on all orders over $100 (CODE HSP20), so I took advantage of a few things I wanted to try out.

I have heard great things about the NYX trio palette. Great color pay-off, very pigmented, and affordable. I ordered five. Next, I ordered eight Sinful Colors trio palette, one Arissa Lipstick, and three Sinful Colors eye brushes. I'm satisfied with the things I've ordered but a few of my purchases, I will not order again.

Let me start with the Arissa Lipstick in the color "DIVA". I'm a sucker for packaging, so when I first layed eyes on the package, it was a "like". Very sleek, simple black package; it feels like how Nars is packaged. It is NOT tested on animals(animal cruelty free) a plus for me. The color of the lipstick on the site is a bright purple color, that is the reason why I purchased it. When I recieved the lipstick and took it out of the box, twisted it, I was sooooo dissapointed! Far from Purple, more like a red, burgandy, fushia-ish hard to describe kinda color. Not what I expected at all. The color swatch on the web-site sucks! As for the texture and everything else, I actually like it. huh? Well, it has that MAC soft vanilla smell, and the texture and longevity of the lipsptick shocked the hell out of me! It is a creme finish(my opinion) very smooth, creamy and highly pigmented. I applied it in the afternoon and it lasted up until 10 O'clock that night. To be honest, when I awoke the next morning, my lips were still stained from the color.

As for my review on the Arissa Lipstick in DIVA, I will not repurchase, love the name but the color is not for me! I will tell you that I am interested in trying a few of the other colors due to the fact I like the texture and color payoff, however, the color swatches are not helpful on the site, so I guess I have to take a chance on finding the right color, until I get it right! The L/S are only 3 bucks, so that's nothing to really complain about. Here are the swatches on my hand and lips.

Def Not Purple!

This is the C/ Swatch

Nice Color But Not For Me!

Up Next!
NYX Trio Palette Review and Swatches in:
NYX Trio Palette/Dune
NYX Trio Palette/ Rock & Roll
NYX Trio Palette/Aloha/Mink Brwn/Deep Bronze
NYX Trio Palette/Spring Leaf/LimeGreen/Green Tea
NYX Trio Palette/Sweet Lagoon/ Aqua/Ocean

I will  post pictures of E/SOTD  for each palette soon!

To all my Bff's
Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!!               

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist! (RANDOM)

Well, as we all know Christmas is quickly approaching...Yeh! So, it's time for me to make my Christmas make-up wishlist. For all my Bff's who truly understand, make-up is a check mark on that list! I am in the process of growing my make-up collection, so this would be a great Christmas gift, (HINT!)
Okay, so I have a few things on my list, I will make this short and brief!

Jubilee (lipstick)                Beaux(lipglass)               Pink Friday(lipstick) ASAP!
Hold The Pose(lipstick)    Sinnamon(lipglass)
Naked Paris(lipstick)        Pop Mode(lipglass)
Sharp Focus(lipstick)
Spice Is Nice(lipstick)      Woodwinked(e/s)
Sandy B(lipstick)              Dreammaker(e/s)
Lovin It(lipstick)               Glamour Check(e/s)

Winterberry Palette(e/s)
Pro Concealer Palette
Warm Palette(e/s)
Metallic Brush Set(Plum)

NYX Single(e/s) Deep Brwn Purp
NYX Sinlge(e/s) Skin Tight
NYX E/S Base Skin Tone
NYX Round LS Pandora
NYX Round LS Cream
NYX Round LS Tea
NYX Round LS Castle
NYX Round LS Rea
NYX Round LS Medussa
NYX Powder Blush Raisin
NYX E/S Trio Nude/Taupe/Dk Brwn
NYX E/S Trio Lake Moss
NYX Carribean 5 Palette Jamaica
NYX Carribean 5 Palette St John
NYX MegaShine Vixen
Arissa LS Vivacious
Arissa LS Vamp
Arissa LS Whisper
Amuse Blush Palette 6 (2)

Well this is what I put together, I had to minimize because my *ADDICTION* was starting to get the best of! Cherry Culture is running a special for 20% off on all orders over $100, until DEC.24, 2010 11:59 CST. CODE HSP20

So Bff's would you like to share your Christmas make-up or fashion wishlist?

BTW, I would like to do a give away soon...YEH for one of my Beautiful, Fabulous and Fierce Bff. Some of the things I have mentioned will be in the Giveaway bag and a special prize as well! So don't forget to let US all know what's on your wishlist this Christmas.

Thank You,
My Bff's Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

One of the Deadly Sins...A Sinful Colors Lipgloss Review!

Alrighty, then.... I have  been online looking for this particular brand of cosmetics by the name of Sinful Colors. Sinful Colors Cosmetics is known for their wide range of nail polish colors. Just about everyone knows about Sinful Colors nail polish(I have a few myself), but what about their lipglosses and eyeshadows palettes? So, I ordered four lipglosses from Cherry Culture a few months ago. I recently ordered eight eyeshadow trio palettes as well; it's on it's way..heeheehee(sneaky laugh). This review is all about Sinful Colors and what I think about their cosmetics!

The packaging is very plain, and  simple, but not too cheap looking. I really love the texture of the lippies; it truly reminds me of the NYX Mega  Shine lipglosses. I honestly would compare them to NYX, but less expensive. I luv NYX, but for those Bff's that are looking for something that has the same quality for a little less, Sinful Colors is the way to go!

Sinful Colors

The first lipgloss that I am reviewing is called "Delicious." It is a brown based color, but applies very sheer.  I really like the way that it applies because it it buildable. I find it to be quite long-lasting. This color matches my skin-tone perfect and very natural.
Really Pretty Luv It!
The next color really surprised me. I'm  not a fan of reds, but for some reason I'm somehow very attracted to this color "Carnal." A very cherry like red, but applies very sheer. The color swatch is horrible on C/C, so when I purchased it, I actually thought it was in the brown family, but nope its def, a red based color.

Well the next color is what I would call a neutral, nothing that is really noticeable, but for my neutral, natural bff's this lipgloss is very subtle.I would describe this lipgloss as, pink/peach with brown undertones. It can be worn w/wo lipstick, and one of those lipglosses that should just be thrown in our bag. This color is called "Blushing", the perfect name, just a hint of color on the lips.

I adore this color<3<3

I think this is the "one"
Lastly, is "Goddess." Out of all of the bunch, I like this one the least. It has sort of a frost finish and is a pale pink with shimmer. I would'nt say it's horrible, but I would have to layer it with a dark lipstick. The color is absolutely gorgeous, just not on!

Well, its not that bad!

It's Growing On Me!!

The three lipglosses that I do like: Delicious, Blushing and Carnal have very little; barely noticeable fine sparkles. Goddess is the only one that has a frosty, shimmer finish, but I guess not too much!  I would truly recommend these lipglosses. If your the kind of Bff that is a lipgloss lover, and want to try something worth the $3 bucks then go for it! The only place I have seen them are Cherry Culture.Com, but maybe they are sold on other sites or stores. BTW, Sinful Colors does have a website , however, it only caters to nail polish lovers, so you can only buy their nail polish from their web-site!

I hope this was help to anyone who is interested in buying Sinful Colors Cosmetics. I really love all of the products they carry. Catchy  name and affordable prices. I plan to order from them in the near future, but, I think I have enough for right now!!*ADDICTION* lol!

Next Up! Haulage<3
Sinful Colors Eyeshadow Trio Review 8 Palettes
NYX Trio Review 5 Palettes
Arrisa Lipstick In Diva
Sinful Colors Brushes/Contour/Blend/Point

Thank you,
To all my Bff's
Remain Beautiful...Live Fabulous...Be Fierce!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Revved up for Revlon Shiny Sheers & Super Lustrous Lipgloss!!

Hey my BFF's this a random review on the Revlon Shiny Sheers, and lipgloss in Super Lustrous. Okay, I was out running some errands; I somehow found myself in the cosmetic isle of a store *side eye*  my hubby asked  "Can you go one day without buying make-up?" I thought to myself "good question." Long story short, I gave in because I'm doing this review on Revlon Products I!

Revlon Shiny Sheers

Super Lustrous

803 Rum Glow
The Rum Glow is my favorite! I have very pigmented lips and this gives them the perfect natural color, without feeling as if I have on lipstick. It's perfect to just carry with me!

810 After Glow

After Glow is one of those soft shimmery pinks. It's not bad, but not what I would take with me everywhere. I would def use this on top of another color like purples and browns, I think it would make a darker matte  lipstick pop.

815 Mauvy Star

I really like Mauvy Star! This is soo "purty" because it has the perfect amount of color. I am really starting to get into mauves and purple-ish colors. I would also pair this with a rich purple lipstick or fushia, what do you think?

030 Toast to Shine

Toast to Shine is a natural very soft peachy-goldish lipgloss. The consistency is just perfect. Not too thick or not to greasy. This is an everday lipgloss. It can be worn with or without lipstick. I actually like this one so much I bought 5 of them! hehee..hehee, on the!

All of these lip products were purchased from Big Lots; I am not sure if these products are discontinued or not. I only paid $2.00 for each one, not a penny more(excluding tax). If you have a Big Lots in your town check it out, great deals!

Well, I just wanted to share this with my BFF's and tell everyone what I thought about these products. LUV THEM<3. I luv that the Shiny Sheers applies sheer and are buildable; the more strokes the better the color pay-off.
I have very pigmented lips, color depends on lip pigmentation!

To Fashion Therapist,
I think these would be great for you to start with, give'em a try!
Any Rite-Aide, Walgreens, CVS, Duane Reade

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just In The NXY Of Time!

I have to admit I am addicted to make-up, in particular lipsticks! Over the past few days I have been on a lipstick adventure, Walmart, Big Lots, Online, ACW, Cherry Culture and Etc. I truly love lipstick it gives me a rush to try new colors and different brands! I am currenty in the  process of building my Mac lipstick collection, hopefully by Christmas. But I promised to provide my BFF's with swatches of another favorite of mines, NYX Round Lipsticks. If you dont know about NYX, I am here to tell you! Tonie Shin is the founder of NYX cosmetics. She began her cosmetic empire out of Los Angeles, Ca out of a 600sq ft store; which today is now, 76,000sq ft. Tonie created the name NYX from Greek Methology, which means Goddess of Night, great marketing! Most of NYX round lipsticks are marketed with Greek labels,example: Orpheus, Hermes, Herdes, Ceto, Medusa, Zeus, Hades, Aphrodite, and the list goes on. The NYX Round lipsticks are described as "a velvet-textured lipsticks formulated with minerals oils to provide moisturizing benefits and rich colors. NYX top selling lipstick, the Round Lipsticks offers long-lasting non-smudging colors."

In my opinion, I really love these lipsticks, affordable and a variety of colors to choose from. The round lipsticks are a creamy consistency, as for long lasting, not so much! But for the price who can really complain. NYX sell them for $4.00 on their site; I purchased my NYX from Cherry for 1.75 about a few months ago. Unfortunately, they are no longer that price, but still affordable. The new price for the lipsticks are 2.50, not bad, some drugstore brand are a little higher than that price. I have collected over 30 lipsticks, and still plan to buy more..*ADDICTION*! I will swatch 20 lipsticks, only because I have duplicates of some! So let's get started...;D

Cinnamon Sugar <3<3<3<3

Pumkin Pie<3<3<3



Darling <3

Sky Pink :(



Rose Bud :(

Goddess <3<3<3

Harmonica :((

Watermelon <3<3

Ceto <3<3<3


Summer Love<3<3

Brown Sugar<3<3<3




I  truly love the NYX Lipsticks, not all are my fave, but most of them I could work with. Harmonica is probably the only one that I could not wear, too light for my complexion! As far as the other colors, I think Hermes, and Mars are my favorite!! I truly love them. I aslo really like the packaging, the swatches of color at the bottom of the lipstick tube is great! Sorry if the swatches are not that great, when you have twins running around the house, it's hard to be perfect! I hope these swatches were a help to anyone who is considering buying these particular lipsticks because they are worth $2.50. *Note* A lot of NYX round lipsticks has frost finishes and shimmer.

To all my Bff's, I will be posting swatches and a review of the NYX trio Palette, and Sinful colors Trio Palette; I will also provide comparisons of each products.

Thank you,
Remain beautiful, Live fabulous, and Stay Fierce!!!!

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