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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Hobby Lobby Fave Blush Brush

Master's Touch 1"425 Oval Mop

Tapered Sable Hair
 As we all know, Craft stores & art supply stores come in handy, for make-up addicts. I have found some really inexpensive crafty products in stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Just recently, I went to Hobby Lobby to pick out some glitters, basically browsing; when I ran across some brushes by a company called "Master's Touch." This company has many different types of brushes, however, this particular one caught my eye. This Oval Mop brush is AMAZING!!!  It's so soft, picks up product precise,and just enough! It has quite a long handle, but does not affect anything. At first,I didnt like the shellac wood handle, but it actually grew on me; I prefer black handle brushes. Washing was excellent, almost no-shedding or didnt have to worry about dyes, which is a plus!
The cost of the brush was $10.99, however, Hobby Lobby was having a %50 Off sale at the time, so I paid less than 6 bucks...(I should have bought more)
How would I rate this brush....uhmmmmm ........a freaking 4+ I love this brush for applying blush. If you gals  or guys have a Hobby Lobby Or Michaels, go and check it out! I promise it will be so worth it!

Btw...I also purchased a full set of detail brushes from Master's Touch, for miscellaneous things and they work great as well!

Thank you to my Bff's....Muah! <3<3<3
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  1. Did you use to to apply eyeshadow? It sounds great! I've never thought about going to Hobby Lobby or Michaels to get make up brushes!

  2. @SiSi.....I actually use this brush to apply blush....It's perfect for that!lol! I should have mentioned exactly what the purpose was for...:))


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