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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish In Soul Mate#945

I have noticed that out of my Sinful Colors Haul, I purchased quite a few pink polishes. Now, usually, I am not a big fan of pink; however, pink nail polishes are my new fave! The Sinful Colors Walgreens sale has allowed me to experiment with colors I  typically wouldnt care for. This color  I am reviewing is called Soul Mate; a creamy pink with a slight peach undertone. I have noticed on lighter skin tones it pulls more peachy color. Like all Sinful Colors nail polish most are a hit rather than a miss. I enjoy this color; it has a very girly feel:)
Here are the swatched

Application Coats: 3
Top Coat: 1
Drying Time: Appx. 8-10 w/o dryer

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail POlish In Timbleberry

This is a part of the Sinful Colors nail polish haul, which I purchased from Walgreens about a week ago. I really enjoy SC because they have a huge color variation. Enough with the rambling, on to the swatches!

Now, the color is coming out a bit more Orange, However, it is actually a combo of Coral-Pink-ish color. The color in my opinion is very pretty! The application is creamy and is easy to apply.In some cases with SC polishes, sometimes the polish can be a little hard to work with but I found this to quite easy. The drying process did take some time but when dried; it dried with a shine, not flat like other SC polishes. I applied 3 coats and one top coat. Drying time is about 5-8 minutes, ONLY, Because I wanted the true color to be seen with 3 coats.

I have been really getting into these sinful color nail polishes, and I just waould like to contribute my swatches for people who may be interested in certain nail polish colors.....:) pay it foward!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mickey Mouse Me Nail Polish (Ruby Kisses)

About a month ago, I went to my local Beauty supply store for some NYX jumbo Pencils. I always glance the Ruby Kisses section for their primer or lippies. Well, in the nail polish display, I noticed a new line of HD polishes. Very bright vibrant colors; hard to miss. To be quite honest, out of all the colors, one particular color stood out to me the most. It is a very pretty mauvey-lavender pinkish color. I would love to find a lipstick in this color. On to the review, Shall we!
Love this color as a neutral or I would say nude for the nails. The polish is very rich and pigmented. The brush is wide, so application is even, and creamy.  I only applied 2 coats  and color is true to the bottle. I aslo love the name. I didnt realize the name until waaayy after I purchased it. Then it made me like it a little more. These polishes are definitely different from the other Ruby Kissed polishes  in the square bottle. The consistency is much creamier and long lasting. Well here it is

This is my review of the Ruby Kisses HD Nail Polish In "Mickey Mouse Me." I truly love the color so  much I will be purchasing a few more. Oh, btw, these polishes are only $2 bucks....(*_-).  If you like Sinful Colors, or the other Ruby Kisses N/P then you would love these. If any one my Bella Beauties out there has already tried these polishes and let me know what colors are a must have from this line!
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish In Cream Pink Review

Okay, this is going to be short brief & sweet. I went to Walgreens where they are having a .99cents Sinful Colors Nail Polish sale from 8-14 to 8-20. If anyone know like I know, they are a great dupe for higher end polishes. I love the fact that they have a huge color selection; they have really catchy names as well.  Well, I went to Walgreens and picked up five colors, however this review is only about Cream Pink.  The color is like a hot pink with a very light minimal gold sparkle( hardly recognizable).  It is truly a fun inspired color and that was one of the reason I had to add it to my collection. At one point in my life, I couldnt stand pink, however, I have grown to really appreciate the girly-ness of pink. I am so happy that I chose this color. I only had to apply 2 coats and 1 top coat. The color is true to the color in the bottle, thats a plus for me. My overall opinion, I LOVE IT! This is a girl just wanna have fun kinda color:))

Let me know what sinful colors nail polishes you like!

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