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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clown Fishing Around?

Hello Bff's,
Hope all is well with all of you! I created another look, just something random, didnt know where I was going with it. I started out with the fish face by sketching out a tropical fish, went up put it on my mirror and started to use my imagination. My eyelid is actually the fish's fin swimming, with a multi color false lash. The otherside I did is really random. I knew I wanted to draw a clown, but not a traditional clown, something totally different. I also followed the same look with the lips. All products used for the entire face is a Coastal Scents palette 88. I had  to spay fix+ Spray and wet the brushes in order for the shadows to be more intense. Check out my look:

Well, thnx to all my Bff's for stopping by(*_-)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Purrrfect!!

Hey Bff's.Today I Created another, Yes another look for a contest. The theme is Superheroes/Villians inspired make-up look. I decided to go for Catwoman since she is catty & Sexy at the same time. This look was created with Coastal Scents 88 palette(blk Shad)  and Black liner, The lips are NYX Round Lippir in (Twist) and the ears were created from paper towel roll, that I cut into the shape os cat ears.

I also did a two-faced look of catwoman & the evil queen(snow white). here are the pics

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Thanx to all my Bff's for stopping by and checking out my page!
Love ProfeChanel(*_-)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Cleopatra

Hello to my Bff's
I was doing some research on different looks, and ran across The Egyptian Goddess; Cleopatra! I think she is sooo gorgeous for an ancient beauty. I recreated her look without trying to take anything away from her iconic style. Well this is my impression of 2011 Cleopatra.

Thnx To all My New Bff's

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Darkside Of Wonderland

This is a second entry to a contest on YT. Every Woman has 2 sides..So I decided to go with a fun and Free look VS Dark and Sultry look! I used a coastal scents palette to create this look. Here is the look!

Thanx to all my Bff's

I willl be hosting a Giveaway @50 Followers so stay tuned;))

Im So Peacocky!

Here we go again, I created another look inspired by a Peacock feather. I thought it would be really nice to emulate the feathers colors. I will Re-create(The actual Eye of the feather) this look again,but only using Mk-up & Paint, for better detailed work. But anyway here is the look

Big Thnks to all My Bff's

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Face Leaves me @ Full Bloom!

I entered a contest for a mk-up look that was inspired by a favorite season....Well, can you guess what I chose? Pretty obvious huh; Spring! I love the spring time. The metamorphosis of weather climate, nature at it's best! I looooov it! Able to wear boots and  toe shoes/sandals, depending on the day; jacket or no jacket; jeans or sundress, like, the best of both worlds when it comes down to it on  a fashion sense. But anyway enough with the spring Floetry let get down to the look, shall we proceed?


To all my Bff's
Thank you

Mint For Your Eyes Only!

Hello Bffs,
This is yet another mk-up look that ive created, something simple but nice. I just wanted to share this with you guys & gals to keep people updated on different looks that I create. I really love the color teal, aqua, mint, sage and a list os other "green" affiliated colors:DD. So I will  make this short and Brief.....check it out!
Products I used for this look

 Eyes:NYX Trio Palette(Aqua, Ocean)
Highlight Inner Corner: Elf Mineral Shadow(Elegant)
Outer V: NYX Carribean 5 Palette(Dk Blk Brown)
Cheeks: Elf Radiance Blush(Glow)
Lips NYX Megashine Lipgloss (Miami Babe)


To all my Bff's
Thank you 

Purple Fusion Make-up Look!

Okay, I,m Posting all of my redent Mk-up looks. This is called "Purple Fusion" For the array of different purples. Purple used to be one of my fave colors, but after playing with the color spektra, I love just about all colors, when it comes down to Mk-up. So This is a recent look that I created using;

Eyes: Elf Mineral Eyeshadow(Royal)
Urban Decay E/S Base(Sin)
Cheeks: Elf Berry Merry Blush & L.A Girl L/S in Grape Crush
Lips: NYX Round L/S(Harmonica) Combined with L.A Girl L/S Grape Crush

To all my Bff's I hope you like!

Thank you

My Leopard Diva Look!

Hi everyone...Ive been gone for awhile(sorry about that) I have been quite buisy since the holidays. My Bestie & Fiance and her daughter(my goddaughter) came to visit for the New Year! I really enjoyed myself to bits;D. Well anyway, I have been uploading vids on YT, and networking with so many wonerful people,PhashionQueen27, Badassplatinum just to name a few!

This Particular Post is all about my Leopard Diva 2 Face Look.....So I hope you all enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are?

BTW... I will be hosting a blog contest soon as I get to 50 followers, the contest will begin...YaY;0

I Hope everyone enjoyed and check me out on YT as 77ProfeChanel

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