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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mac's Lustre Lipstick in "Lovin It" Dupe

I have been trying to find dupes for certain lipsticks, from a variety of different cosmetic companies. This dupe was sitting in my face, literally! I was sitting at my vanity, deciding on which lipstick I would wear for the day. I decided to go with Rimmel's "Precious Brown." A really sheer brownish-nude with slight peachy undertones and minimal sparkle, a gorgeous color.Then it hit me! The day before I used Mac's Lovin It and the color was almost exact. I decided to compare both lipsticks and see was this an actual dupe.

Rimmel's 680 Precious Brown
Brown-Peach rusted/nude with minimal shimmer,
Sheer application
Warm Undertones
Light Scent/Pleasant
Cute Packaging
Where to buy:Walmart & other drug stores

Mac's Lovin' It
Sheer brownish-coral with a light shimmer
Lustre Finish
Warm Undertones
Light Vanilla Scent
Classic Mac Package
Where to buy (Discontinued) CCO

These 2 lipsticks are very similar in color, both are considered a brown nude. If anyone was interested in purchasing Lovin It; Precious Brown is the closes dupe, in my opinion! But I let you be the judge.....

Precious Brown/Close-up

Lovin It/Close-up
Skin Swatches

Top(precious brown) Bottom(lovin it)
Lip Swatches

Top Lip(Precious Brwn)
Bottom Lip(Lovin It)
I am please to know that Lovin It is dupable, because it is discontinued and ONLY found at SOME ccos, and the nearest cco it about an hour away:( So instead of driving all the way there, waste gas, for it to possibly not be there; I can just go to Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Target, which is 5 min away to buy a less expensive dupe:))

Just wanted to share this with my Bff's
Thnx to all my bff's 4 stopping by(*_-)

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  1. i love finding dupes to high end brands too. thanks for this addition. ;)

    please visit me back. ♥


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