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Friday, April 8, 2011

I Finally Found-ation!

Queenie Keisha's Beauty blog
For the longest, I have not worn foundation, because it was so hard to find the correct color match, formula, something without making my skin itch, and very light coverage. The funny thing is, I have tried soooooo many different brands to be disappointed!! But as of yesterday, experimenting like a Mad Scientist,I finally got it!
Okay, I purchased the Revlon's Colostay in Cappuccino & Amber a few weeks ago, mixed the two together, the concoction was good. A little too dark, so I had to add a little more of the amber to lighten it up a bit! I actually got this idea from "Holmique".We are very close in complexion and she used the same color cappuccion except she mixed hers with caramel. But anyway, I had to mix and mix until I matched the color perfectly...Voila! I  thought I could never get away with wearing Foundation, but now it looks like I'm not wearing any,rather than before, looking ashy, grey, or like a mortician did my
I probably will not wear foundation all the time, but its good to know that I have that option and feel comfortable!
If anyone has any suggestions about any other foundation that is good high-end or drug store,Please let me know! Im pretty sure I could find something better, if not, im satisfied with this...For now!

Can anyone tell me if they ever used the Revlon's Colorstay Foundation, and what are the pros & cons???

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