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Monday, April 18, 2011

Ruby Kisses Nail Polishes

I went to my local Beauty Supply Store(BBS) to get a few trinkets, and on display were the Ruby Kisses nail polishes. Such a variety of bright spring colors, that's what actually drew my attention to them. They are so pretty!! Just my shopaholic's luck they were on sale..:)). Usually Ruby Kisses nail polishes range from 2 to 3 bucks, well they were ONLY .99 cents....Yesssssssss! I only picked up the four colors that really said "BUY ME" But I will Be back(in my terminator's voice.)

Teal Envy
 The colors I chose are: (From left to right)
1."Look At Me Purple
2.Teal Envy
3.Tropical Blend
4.Pinked Out

These nail polishes are very creamy, has good coverage, I applied 2 coats to get true color.They seem to have a semi-gloss finish, which I like! The application goes on smooth, and dries in fairly decent time. The fact that my hands stay in water alot of the times, it's hard for me to tell how long these nail polishes last, and the fact that I change colors often. For these nail polishes to be only .99 cents, they are so worth buying again & again.

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  1. These are beautiful colors! I love a bargain! Thanks for sharing your haul. LOL @ your terminator voice. :O)

  2.!thanx so much for stopping by.....I will be loading more home with!

  3. @From Broadway...Thnx so much, they are very pigmented!

  4. Love the colors but drawn to the teal envy more!

  5. love thse colors! perfect for summer. ;)


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