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Monday, May 2, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish In Unicorn

Browsing YT, this past weekend LalaHunnie06 announced that Walgreens had a Sinful Colors nail polish sale for 99 cents. I literally jumped up and went to walgreens. Well, since the sale started on Easter, not  much of a selection.(Why do I seem to get the scoop I had to  make the best of my trip. There was a limit, can only purchase three..Day 1, I purchased 3. Day 2, I purchase 3 and had my grandmother purchase the other 3. Here is the list:
1.Unicorn(pastel yellow)
2.Vacation Time(brown pink)
3.Why Not(Blue)
4.Whats Your Name(Black With Teal Glitter)
5.Beautiful Girl(carnation pink)
6.Pink Forever(barbie pink)
7.Easy Going(very pale white pink)
8.Nirvana(smoky brown)
9. Rise & Shine(very deep teal-ish color)

However, this review is about the polish Unicorn
I purchased this color because I don't quite have anything like this in my collection. The closes color match I possess would be, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, and that is a tad bit more yellow than pastel. I love<3 pastel colors and my recent nail polish purchases have  been mostly pastels, or bright spring and summer colors. I like the packaging , simple is always better for me, I particularly do not care for square shaped  bulky nail polish bottles(Takes up too much space.) Sinful Color nail polishes regularly cost 2 to 3 bucks in most stores, which is a bargain and usually can  find their colors as dupes for Opi, and China Glaze. Case in point, Unicorn is a Dupe for China Glaze Lemon Fizz.

Dots are Sally Hansen Sunset(Orange) Ruby Kisses Kiss & Teal(blue)
and Sinful Colors Nirvana(Brown)
The first application is sheer, but by 3rd coat very pigmented. This nail polish is very creamy. Honestly, I thought I would not care for the color and thought it would be a miss for me, only because a color like this is hard to work with, but im impressed! I had to put a little extra to it with the polka dots, because it looked a little too flat for my liking, Even though, I prefer nail polishes with a matte finish. Overall, would I repurchase....YESSSS!

The next Review: Sinful Colors(Rise & Shine)

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Thanx to all my Bffs

Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce


  1. Your nails look great. I find that Sinful nail polishes are too hard to work with for me. But they do have pretty colors.

  2. I agree....The color is hard to pull by itself, but using as the base or background, it really distracts some flaws. Some are a miss for me,like Dream On(Fushia Color) The Application was HORRIFIC, Crappy, Never will Buy again, But some pplon YT found ways to work with it!
    Thnx for stopping by



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