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Monday, May 2, 2011

NYX Jumbo Pencil Collection

Of Course, If your a YT junkie like myself, then you already know all about the NYX Jumbo pencils. For a loooooong time I have been living under a rock, when it comes down to the large numbers of make-up/cosmetic companies out there. Being a True New Yorker, I thought I was able to find just about errything in the city, but to my surprise, I was in the dark! Not until I moved from the big city to the South and became a YouTube Addict, Internet Fiend and a Blog Lover, is when I discovered the underworld of great affordable make-up, like, NYX.
 No longer able to have so many different options at my feet, I realized, I had to order online. For instance, the nearest Mac Counter is an hour away, My cco is a little over an hour. We do have dept stores, that carry Estee Lauder and Lancome, etc, but not many options if u get my point! So Cherry Culture was my first Target. About 2 yrs ago, I went crazy with the NYX brand and glad that I discovered it! I also found some ebay sellers where I can Buy more for less. However, I went to my cco and to my surprise they carried NYX so I racked up. Just recently went into my BSS store and they have the NYX jumbo pencils for 2 bucks, much cheaper than buying online. So glad that NYX is starting to expand their brand! Funny thing is I have asked some of my friends and relatives in NYC and  no one had heard of it!!! I guess to much competition...hum??

Here are my growing collection of  Jumbo Pencils:
2 Nyx Lip Jumbo Pencils
1.729 Chestnut
2.725 Hazelnut

9Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils
1.616 Pacific/Blue metallic
2.612 Gold
3.606 Baby Blue/ Light blue metallic
4.602 Dark Brown/Matte
5.601 Black Bean/Matte
6.613 Lemon/Green/Gold metallic
7.605 Strawberry Milk Pink/metallic
8.607 Horse Raddish Similar to Lemon
9.610 Oyster pink/ Lavendar/ blue irredescent color

Thanx to all my Bff's

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  1. Great collection :)


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