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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Here; Conservatorie Brush Review! 1st Impressions

The Conservatorie
Cosmetic Manufacturer

last week, surfing the web for make-up brushes, I ran across a site called "The Conservatorie." This is a cosmetic manufacturer company that sells raw ingredients such as, Micas, Bases, Empty Packaging(5gm & up jars)  and brushes at wholesale. I visited the site quite curious about their brush line. Let me start by saying this, The brush line is broken down into Synthetic, Badger hair, Kabuki's, Brush sets, Brush pouches, and Individual brushes. I decided to get a few synthetics and badgers; all eye brushes. I also went with the 7-pc travel badger set, 2 empty jars and 2 pigments.

However, this review will only be about the brushes I received! The shipping was extremely fast, taking into consideration, they are based on the west and I am on the east coast. The brushes came in a small zip-lock type bag with each brush individually wrapped in a clear plastic protective package.However, I did remove the individual wrapping so I could wash them and test for shedding and dyes.
On to the review! First, I have to say that I really like the way these brushes feel; very sturdy! The Ferrule is double stitched and the handle is wood, with a black glossy finish. I also, can say that the hairs on the badgers are extremely soft, as well as the sythnetics.

SideNote: If you like Coastal Scents Brushes; These are better in my opinion!

Pony Chisel Mini Smudger $2.00
Perfect for smokey, very narrow

Synthetic Angle Brow & Liner $1.56
Out of the review, these are the brushes I like the least. They are both identical, even though one may be slightly wider than the other. However, these brushes are very coarse and  I would not advise that they should not be used to apply liner on the lid. In my opinion, I think they will be great for the filling in brows with shadows or liners.

Synthetic Crease $2.36
I LOVE IT! Is to sum it up in words! I chose this particular  brush for blending and crease work! This is the true test because it will tell if the brush application is good. Blending is very important when applying eyeshadows, therefore, a good crease, blending brush will help execute a flawless look! This is the only one with a nickel plated ferrule. A really nice brush and very soft.

Badger Blending Fluff $1.80
 This is also another brush  I will use to soften harsh lines. As for these badgers they are really easy to work with. I love this one as well:)

Badger Deluxe Crease $2.36
Again, another badger brush that is used for blending and crease work. I cant wait to use these on my clients, knowing that the brush hairs are soft and I will not have to worry about the hairs feeling scratchy! Another must have for my kit!

My overall opinion about The Conservatorie Brushes.......I am happy that I discovered them<3! They are very affordable, Professeional, and does the JOB! Reminder, that these are wholesale prices, so the more you buy; the more for your buck$$. As for washing them, no to minimal shedding(Literally). No dye bleeding as well and no harsh smell, which is always great!

If anyone may be interested in the site and would like to browse their page; just click their bannner in the upper right hand corner, or follow this link; You will not regret it:)

Part 2 of my review on the 7-piece travel set for $10.95
Coming Soon......

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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Review Coming This Week!
Plus Hot Pot 12 Swatches & Magnetic Palette

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Happy Bey-day Beyonce!

This is a really short blog about Mrs. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter! Today is her birthday September,4 1981. As a fan and a fellow Virgo; I am sending my Birthday wishes! She is the BIG 30 and just recently announced her pregnancy to the world! Congrats to Bey!

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The Conservatorie Brush Review Tuesday!

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