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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Cherry Culture Haul Finally Came!!

Well, actually my package came a few days ago, but I'm just getting around to doing the review. I placed the order on October 30th; the package arrived Nov.17th, rather long but it was shipped from the West Coast. Cherry Culture is running a special for the holiday's 20% off on all orders over $100 (CODE HSP20), so I took advantage of a few things I wanted to try out.

I have heard great things about the NYX trio palette. Great color pay-off, very pigmented, and affordable. I ordered five. Next, I ordered eight Sinful Colors trio palette, one Arissa Lipstick, and three Sinful Colors eye brushes. I'm satisfied with the things I've ordered but a few of my purchases, I will not order again.

Let me start with the Arissa Lipstick in the color "DIVA". I'm a sucker for packaging, so when I first layed eyes on the package, it was a "like". Very sleek, simple black package; it feels like how Nars is packaged. It is NOT tested on animals(animal cruelty free) a plus for me. The color of the lipstick on the site is a bright purple color, that is the reason why I purchased it. When I recieved the lipstick and took it out of the box, twisted it, I was sooooo dissapointed! Far from Purple, more like a red, burgandy, fushia-ish hard to describe kinda color. Not what I expected at all. The color swatch on the web-site sucks! As for the texture and everything else, I actually like it. huh? Well, it has that MAC soft vanilla smell, and the texture and longevity of the lipsptick shocked the hell out of me! It is a creme finish(my opinion) very smooth, creamy and highly pigmented. I applied it in the afternoon and it lasted up until 10 O'clock that night. To be honest, when I awoke the next morning, my lips were still stained from the color.

As for my review on the Arissa Lipstick in DIVA, I will not repurchase, love the name but the color is not for me! I will tell you that I am interested in trying a few of the other colors due to the fact I like the texture and color payoff, however, the color swatches are not helpful on the site, so I guess I have to take a chance on finding the right color, until I get it right! The L/S are only 3 bucks, so that's nothing to really complain about. Here are the swatches on my hand and lips.

Def Not Purple!

This is the C/ Swatch

Nice Color But Not For Me!

Up Next!
NYX Trio Palette Review and Swatches in:
NYX Trio Palette/Dune
NYX Trio Palette/ Rock & Roll
NYX Trio Palette/Aloha/Mink Brwn/Deep Bronze
NYX Trio Palette/Spring Leaf/LimeGreen/Green Tea
NYX Trio Palette/Sweet Lagoon/ Aqua/Ocean

I will  post pictures of E/SOTD  for each palette soon!

To all my Bff's
Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!!               

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I hate when that happens ugh! that's the only sucky thing about ordering things online the colors are misleading.

  2. I know right!I wish they would update or get better swatches, bcuz that is truly annoying and a waste of! Thanx for commenting..that BADass senorita!

    Remain Beautiful, Live Fab, Be Fierce!!

  3. I need a personal make up artist who knows what goes with my skin and what doesnt...i get super frustrated with lipsticks...expecially bcuz I have such full lips!!!! they make the wrong color look completely horrid...glad ur here to sample for me, lol

  4. Well ordering online is a risk for sure because the swatches they show on the website are never the same when you look at it. I am a new follower and I have to say that you have a lovely blog :)

  5. @ fashion Therapist..Go for sheer application lipsticks, they're great for a person who is not comfortable with full coverage lipstick. Girl, do U know ppl pay to get them full lips. Retinol, Collagen I would advise you to use neutral & sheer color lipsticks like soft browns; that would go very nice with your skin complexion. Try it out & Let me know....Check Out my Revlon Sheer Lipstick Blog!

  6. Hello Sara.H...I truly appreciate you stopping by, and becoming a follower. U r so correct! Ordering online can be time consuming, and tedious, due ti the fact that looking for proper swatches is utterly draining! but, I still continue to find great blogs that have reliable swatches....BTW, I love your blog, so!

  7. wow, that color looked NOTHING like the swatch! that's pure bull

  8. Hi sweetie, thankyou for your comment on my Aaliyah collage post on my blog. It really means alot, I love talking to Aaliyah fans, her fans are loyal. I have always been a huge fan and listen to her music everyday.
    Love your blog btw doll xxx

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @! I know, how can C/C display a swatch sooo horrible! Lmbo @"that's pure bull."

  11. Vanity Kisses 1...I love Aaliyah, til this day, there isnt am artist that can compete with her style, or music! She wil be missed, but she will always live on through her music! Luv the post, I know it's from the Heart<3!


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