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Friday, November 12, 2010

One of the Deadly Sins...A Sinful Colors Lipgloss Review!

Alrighty, then.... I have  been online looking for this particular brand of cosmetics by the name of Sinful Colors. Sinful Colors Cosmetics is known for their wide range of nail polish colors. Just about everyone knows about Sinful Colors nail polish(I have a few myself), but what about their lipglosses and eyeshadows palettes? So, I ordered four lipglosses from Cherry Culture a few months ago. I recently ordered eight eyeshadow trio palettes as well; it's on it's way..heeheehee(sneaky laugh). This review is all about Sinful Colors and what I think about their cosmetics!

The packaging is very plain, and  simple, but not too cheap looking. I really love the texture of the lippies; it truly reminds me of the NYX Mega  Shine lipglosses. I honestly would compare them to NYX, but less expensive. I luv NYX, but for those Bff's that are looking for something that has the same quality for a little less, Sinful Colors is the way to go!

Sinful Colors

The first lipgloss that I am reviewing is called "Delicious." It is a brown based color, but applies very sheer.  I really like the way that it applies because it it buildable. I find it to be quite long-lasting. This color matches my skin-tone perfect and very natural.
Really Pretty Luv It!
The next color really surprised me. I'm  not a fan of reds, but for some reason I'm somehow very attracted to this color "Carnal." A very cherry like red, but applies very sheer. The color swatch is horrible on C/C, so when I purchased it, I actually thought it was in the brown family, but nope its def, a red based color.

Well the next color is what I would call a neutral, nothing that is really noticeable, but for my neutral, natural bff's this lipgloss is very subtle.I would describe this lipgloss as, pink/peach with brown undertones. It can be worn w/wo lipstick, and one of those lipglosses that should just be thrown in our bag. This color is called "Blushing", the perfect name, just a hint of color on the lips.

I adore this color<3<3

I think this is the "one"
Lastly, is "Goddess." Out of all of the bunch, I like this one the least. It has sort of a frost finish and is a pale pink with shimmer. I would'nt say it's horrible, but I would have to layer it with a dark lipstick. The color is absolutely gorgeous, just not on!

Well, its not that bad!

It's Growing On Me!!

The three lipglosses that I do like: Delicious, Blushing and Carnal have very little; barely noticeable fine sparkles. Goddess is the only one that has a frosty, shimmer finish, but I guess not too much!  I would truly recommend these lipglosses. If your the kind of Bff that is a lipgloss lover, and want to try something worth the $3 bucks then go for it! The only place I have seen them are Cherry Culture.Com, but maybe they are sold on other sites or stores. BTW, Sinful Colors does have a website , however, it only caters to nail polish lovers, so you can only buy their nail polish from their web-site!

I hope this was help to anyone who is interested in buying Sinful Colors Cosmetics. I really love all of the products they carry. Catchy  name and affordable prices. I plan to order from them in the near future, but, I think I have enough for right now!!*ADDICTION* lol!

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Thank you,
To all my Bff's
Remain Beautiful...Live Fabulous...Be Fierce!!


  1. My favorite on you is the blushing. It looks like a great everyday gloss. I am a huge fan of subtle or natural lip shades. Great post. I really enjoyed reading your review.

  2. Thanx so much for the lovely comment! I agree, Blushing is the "One"

  3. Sinful color, very catchy i agree! i love the color + if its cheaper than Nyx but with same quality then its a plus! i love the way you smile by the way, you look very kind! xoxo

  4. Aww...thnx ShineyGlam for commenting; I appreciate it!;)

  5. Those are all very pretty on you! I also love your eye colours! what is it?? :)

  6. Hey Shaylee Anne, thnx so much! The inner eye color is Revlon's Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow in Copper Canyon(light sea green color)The center color is Maybelline's Jewel Turqouise and the outer eye and contour color is, E.l.F Butternut Quaud(the dark brown color). Again, thnx Hun!

    Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fiercene

  7. Wow! Delicious is such a beautiful color :D I'm a lip gloss junkie myself ^_^ Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a new follower!

  8. Hi SiSi...No Problem. I am a girl who loves food and beauty...I really like your blog... I am a Lipgloss addict as well, thnks for following!...:D

    Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!


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