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Friday, November 19, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist! (RANDOM)

Well, as we all know Christmas is quickly approaching...Yeh! So, it's time for me to make my Christmas make-up wishlist. For all my Bff's who truly understand, make-up is a check mark on that list! I am in the process of growing my make-up collection, so this would be a great Christmas gift, (HINT!)
Okay, so I have a few things on my list, I will make this short and brief!

Jubilee (lipstick)                Beaux(lipglass)               Pink Friday(lipstick) ASAP!
Hold The Pose(lipstick)    Sinnamon(lipglass)
Naked Paris(lipstick)        Pop Mode(lipglass)
Sharp Focus(lipstick)
Spice Is Nice(lipstick)      Woodwinked(e/s)
Sandy B(lipstick)              Dreammaker(e/s)
Lovin It(lipstick)               Glamour Check(e/s)

Winterberry Palette(e/s)
Pro Concealer Palette
Warm Palette(e/s)
Metallic Brush Set(Plum)

NYX Single(e/s) Deep Brwn Purp
NYX Sinlge(e/s) Skin Tight
NYX E/S Base Skin Tone
NYX Round LS Pandora
NYX Round LS Cream
NYX Round LS Tea
NYX Round LS Castle
NYX Round LS Rea
NYX Round LS Medussa
NYX Powder Blush Raisin
NYX E/S Trio Nude/Taupe/Dk Brwn
NYX E/S Trio Lake Moss
NYX Carribean 5 Palette Jamaica
NYX Carribean 5 Palette St John
NYX MegaShine Vixen
Arissa LS Vivacious
Arissa LS Vamp
Arissa LS Whisper
Amuse Blush Palette 6 (2)

Well this is what I put together, I had to minimize because my *ADDICTION* was starting to get the best of! Cherry Culture is running a special for 20% off on all orders over $100, until DEC.24, 2010 11:59 CST. CODE HSP20

So Bff's would you like to share your Christmas make-up or fashion wishlist?

BTW, I would like to do a give away soon...YEH for one of my Beautiful, Fabulous and Fierce Bff. Some of the things I have mentioned will be in the Giveaway bag and a special prize as well! So don't forget to let US all know what's on your wishlist this Christmas.

Thank You,
My Bff's Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!!


  1. Great list!! I hope that you get plenty of the items on the list ;) Here's mine:

    My Wishlist

  2. Thanx socialitedreams for commenting and visiting my blog! Ur wishlist is great, I love all of ur choices. I wish U a blessed and Merry Christmas,

    GOD Bless~

  3. nice list lol I want a few things from mac as well, can't wait for pink friday lipstick to come out next week(hopefully it's next week) have a great friday!

  4. Great list! I really want a MAC lipstick, especially Viva Glam Gaga and a pigment pot.

  5. Hi BADass Senorita...Thnx, I,m hoping to get my hands on that Pink Friday L/S...Like, when does it hit? Thnx for comment..have e great weekened!

  6. Hey Leslie... I know, Lady Gaga is the most Popular of the two, unfortunately, I would not be able to pull that! I luv the color though, I hope you get all that you want! Thnx for commenting!

    Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!

  7. Late on my reply sorry the Nicki Minaj Lipstick will come out this Friday, NOV 26. Only on (it won't be in stores it's exclusively online only) so this friday go online and get it! :D It's going to be available 4 consecutive fridays so NOV 26, DEC 3, DEC 10 & DEC 17 is the only days u can get them :]

  8. Wow!! Thanx soooo Much. I did hear that it's only available on Friday's, but did not know only online. Like "We" have to sleep next to the! Thnx for the response..

    Remain Beautiful, Live Fab, Be Fierce!!

  9. Great list!! You have inspired me to make one as well... :)


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