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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Here; Nars Sheer Lipstick Review & Swatches!!

  I know I promised to do a review on Nars Lipsticks and Swatches, but I just would not be able to do it!Okay, Just kidding! I decided to do all swatches with an extra lipgloss swatch, in the Orgasm and Hustler lipgloss duo. All of the Nars products I ordered lived up to its great expectation of Nars reputation.
  What I Truly love most of all is the different finishes they(Nars) offer in the lipstick selection. Sheer, Satin,   and Semi-matte. The sheer finish is described according to Nars Cosmetics "its long lasting color pigments have been suspended in a translucent formula to provide a sheer, natural tint." I am truly a lipstick fiend, but what I love most of all about Nars sheer lipsticks is, most can be worn all the time with any thing, with/without a full face of mk-up. Majority of the time, I do not wear  foundation, but I will not leave the house without a tube of lipstick and lipgloss;I need!
Honestly, with the sheer formula, it can worn dressed up or dressed down. Ex. T-shirt  and a pair of jeans, Literally or black dress and heels, Formal!
  For the people who say," I thought she(Profechanel) shops on the bargain, and others who are thinking," $24 for a tube of lipstick, shhh your crazy." I could understand, but if you look for discount codes online, some places will offer some sort of discount break. First, I did my online coupon search for Nars Cosmetics. I just so happen to come across a coupon that was being offered for 30% off. So my total before the coupon was over $100, but I paid only $84 for the three lipsticks and the lipgloss duo, That was a bargain!
 Enough with the rambling, get to the review and swatches!

                                                       NARS SHEER LIPSTICKS

Very Sleek Packaging
  The packaging is very sleek but simple and  has a rubber grip feel. The Nars packaging is quite smaller than most lipstick brands. That brings to my attention, the actual size of the lipstick is also smaller than most. For one, I would say for the price its a little shorter; for the life of me, I cannot understand it! I would say for the quality it's nothing to complain about. It is very long lasting, but here is a tip: do not layer with lipgloss, because it will not last as long. I wore w/o lipgloss and I realized without lipgloss I was able to wear for about 3 hrs without re-applying. Remember; this is the sheer formula so a few applications will also improve longevity.



Out of  the three, I really love Senorita. Its a slight pinkish-mauve color, and really fits nice with my skin-tone. This color is very natural, actually Senorita would be flattering on any skin tone. If you're looking for a lipstick that's not too pigmented, this is a great starter. If you really like this color but, the cost of it is too high, I will post dupes for all the Nars lipsticks soon.  

Beautiful Liar
 I would consider Beautiful Liar to be like a burnt orange color with
slight shimmers of gold flex. I really would not wear this color alone because I think it calls for a more dramatic look. I would say, green smokey e/s, reminiscent of the Carribean, or a girl's night out in Miami. I will post a complete face-look for the Nars Beautiful Liar Lipstick.

Sexual Healing

Okay, Sexual Healing; by the name alone it calls for attention. This lipstick I would say is a pale pink with a frost finish. To be quite honest, I love the name, but the look is not my taste, tooo frosty. If you like a frost finish then this is a nice color. I would say, someone lighter than I can pull this look off pretty well. I will probably use this for a highlighter, for brows or cheek bones. Oh yes, I will show you how to use make-up that you thought you could'nt use, or didnt like  the purpose of what it was bought for,  for a variety of things. Make-up can be used in so many different ways. 

Beautiful Liar Swatch


Sexual Healing Swatch


Last but not least of my review and swatches, is the lipgloss duo in Orgasm/Hustler. I really like this lipgloss.The consistency is a little thick, but not too gooey. Some lipglosses are just so sticky that it really can be irritating to wear. Have you ever noticed, when wearing sticky gooey lipgloss, your lips feel like they are sticking together, yuck, not attractive. Not, Nars! The Orgasm color is peach with gold flex, soo pretty. The Hustler color is a brown with a pink-ish undertone. Both colors are very natural and subtle, I would definitely recommend to my BFF'S!

Orgasm/Hustler Lipgloss Duo



Not all color shades will be the same, I  have dark pigmented lips so these are how the lipstick show on MY lips.


  1. I like Senorita, thats a nice color. Can't wait 4 the dupes though, too pricey! The orgasm color is nice cuz its plain. I really like these names of lipstick, real catchy & Fierce! LOL!

  2. Im feeling hustler on you! Will be up in sephora asap for some NARS get what you pay for. (now i gotta save up, lol)


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