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Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Not? Bantu Knot!

Bigen Semi-Perm
Hair Color
Today is Friday, and It's all about my hair! I have been through so many changes with my hair, I'm shocked I am not! Literally, all colors, short to medium length, damaged, all sort of treatments and surprisingly; my hair is long and healthy at this point. However, I find myself not doing anything to it, but the same ole thing, straight and hot-curled, naturally curly, or my favorite, a pony tail.*Yawn*. I truly try my best to treat my hair healthier than past experiences by minimizing heat, relaxers, and dyes. I rarely hot curl; I decided to go natural and as for dyes I use: Bigen Semi-Perm Hair Color in Oriental Black.

Bantu Knots

All that to say this, I need to do something creative with my hair! Long hair hairstyles can become redundant and quite honest, boring. So I did some research on Natural Hair Hairstyles, and I came across something called "Bantu Knots." When I first saw it, I was like, okay 1993! We all know that fads come around full circle, right? But to my surprise, it wasn't what I thought. These bantu Knots stem from out of Africa, and are very interesting, because of the creativity and variety of  different styles.


Bantu Knot Out

While on my hairstyle quest, I also saw something called Bantu Knots out. Love<3 at first sight! I really like what I saw, just what I have been looking for,something different, natural, and healthy! It's time to experiment! There was no way for me to tell how to do it, but the pictures are self explanatory. The first thing I had to do was wash my hair with Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner. I then combed out, I did not towel try completely because I wanted the hair saturated with water. I then added IC Aloe Recontructor, Profectiv Mega Growth Break Free, daily leave-in strengthener, Argon Oil, and 30,000 I.U Vitamin E oil. I know it sounds like a ton of products but *remember* healthy hair requires taking care of it! Depending on the person, if you prefer for the hair to be stiff or soft, mousse or hair spray can be applied; I prefer for the bantu knots to be soft. After my hair care regimen, I got to twisting! I must say, very simple. I twisted the hair from the root half way, then started to twist into a circle until I reached the ends. I tucked each end inside the knot. Try to twist as tight as you can, so the wave/curl results can turn out correct. For a  hair full of FABULOUS twist and curls, make small. If You want big waves, make the twist bigger. I chose to part my hair in four, two bantu knots on each side. When finish twisting put on a scarf/hair wrap of choice, and let air dry.

Results of Bantu Knots Out
The finish results depends on you! Play in it, style as you please, fluff out, what ever need to be done. I think this is a great way to do something different, without getting rods, roller sets, pin curls, sitting under a dryer, and most of all SPENDING MONEY!!! There are so many ways to style hair, being creative is the key! I would not have imagined this was going to be the finish look, so beautiful! To think about it, it's two hairstyles in one. I am going out this weekend, and I am going to post pictures of My look. I am still in the drying process(my hair takes 4ever to dry)! Give it try and tell me what you think!;D

                                                   This weekend's post 

Bantu Knot out results



           Be Beautiful!          Be Fabulous!          Be Fierce!

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  1. I am feeln thn Bantu Knots! I like that look especially on you! I havent seen much ppl rocking it like that(I probably didnt know it was Bantu Knots).I want to see what it will look on you girl, Post them PIX ASAP!!!


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