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Friday, October 22, 2010

Well, today is the first day I am officially blogging, and I just had to start off with some great news about  great make-up deals. First, Dollar Tree has awesome make-up in their stores( depending on where you live). They carry Maybelline, Loreal, LA Colours, and a few other brands. All Products are only $1, and U can find great products. Most of the cosmetics are sold for a $1, because a majority of the products are discontinued. Another place that I  found to be my BFF, is Ross. I love this store, Ross has high end clothes in there for about 80% of the retail price. Where have I been? Living under a rock I guess. I went  there browsing around and I stumbled upon a pair of BCBG Jeggings in Black. The perfect pair of pants to wear with a pair of booties, but anyway, the retail price was $88.00, but ross price was $29.99.Wow! I had to get!! However, it wasnt the clothes that really had me all warm inside, it was actually the cosmetic section. I found a 120 eyeshadow palette (Giovanni) that was only $7.99. The colors are very pigmented and bright, I will post pics for them soon. Ross also had  some E.L.F products, and shair care products. This store is great for a person who loves<3 to shop on a budget, or is a Bargain Betty kinda girl.

Coming soon, swatches of NYX round lipsticks!! At every 50 followers I will have free giveaways of make-up, hair care, nail care products, and jewelry. They will be randomly chosen, in order to be fair. To all my followers *thank you* for the support; Live Beautiful, Remain Fabulous and Stay Fierce!!! Beauty Fantasy Fullfilled...B.F.F

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  1. I definitely will be supporting you on this! I have the clothes and styles on smash but when it comes to make-up I'm not as confident...but I dont experiment like I want to so I'll let you do it for me! ~ keep us informed! thx


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