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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dollar Tree & Dollar General Make-up Finds?

Okay, so yesterday I spoke about how Dollar Tree and Dollar General has such great make-up for less. Well I took a lil trip to find out for myself and Dollar Tree was the first stop. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I headed straight to the beauty isle. What I saw was alot of NYC products, very limited Sally Hansen  products as well as Maybelline and L'oreal; Not much to choose from in the these particular brands. I guess  Most people know the inventory schedule, and like what I did, they went crazy due to the price! I was slightly disappointed, but I made the trip worth while with the products I did find.
1.Sally Hansen-Nail Enamel Duo/Fizz It
2.N.Y.C- City Duet Eyeshadow/Tribeca
3.L.A Colors- All in One Shade Stick/
4.Revlon- Vital Radiance/Cocoa Light
5.N.Y.C- Ultra Moist Lipwear/Berry
6.AzizaII- Lipstick & Nail Polish Duo/? Lipstick looks like Mac's Font Lit
7.L'oreal- Color Fresco Eyeliner/Citron
8.Sally Hansen-Smiling Brightening Lip Treatment/Brilliant
9.Sally Hansen-Moist & Matte Liquid Lip Color/Shantung

Now as for my Dollar General purchases, I really could not find what I wanted. Most of the time, the cosmetic section is bare:(.They do carry very limited ELF products, However, the brushes are what I really go for, it's better than ordering online and paying the shipping of $6.95 for a $1 brush. But that's besides the point. I went in there to buy another blending brush(which they never have) and my eyes gazed across an eyeshadow palette. So I picked it up out of curiousity, and it actually looks really interesting. The palettte is called "Hot Looks" Glamifeye Shadows 36 color eyehadows.This eyeshadow palette is amazing! The texture is velvet soft and the colors are vibrant. The cost of this palette was only $3.....WOW! I could not believe it!!I also purchased the L.A Looks 5 palette in Darling, for $1.50 another "liked" purchase.

This was just some random things I wanted to buy and swatch, to give an example of low end products that may be decent quality. All make-up does not have to be expensive, in order to be worthy, although, everything inexpensive may not be worth buying. My review of these products are listed below:

Sally Hansen Nail Enamel  Duo/Fizz It
This is a great buy especially for the price.Two nail polishes one clear coat,one color Pearlish for $1. Would buy again, would recommend!

N.Y.C City Duet Eyeshadow/ Tribeca
The price is great for two eyeshadows, but the color payoff is not that great*Reminder just $1* would not but again, will not recommend!

L.A Colors Shade Stick
The shade stick is up in the air, it's an all in one lip, eye, and blush stick. In this particular brand, it is a miss for me on this one. Maybe, for an e/s but as for a llip color or blush a big NO! Too Metallic for a blush honestly! I would not buy again, would not recommend!

Revlon Vital Radiance/ Cocoa Light
This a mousse consistency, very creamy. If you are not fond of this, then maybe this is not for you! I actually think it's  pretty good, based on it's a Revlon product. I would say that if you have oily lids then def a primer would be needed. The color is brown, pay off is pretty good though. I would buy again, and will recommend!

N.Y.C Ultra Moist Lipwear/ Berry
I actually Luv<3 Luv<3 Luv<3 this color! The color payoff is rich and creamy, I would say it has satin frost finish.It sort of in the purple color family, with a hint of mauve. It actually surprised me, I didnt expect it to feel moisturizing. I would "def" buy again and will recommend!

I thought this was a pretty good deal for Aziza product. A lipstick and nail color for just a buck! The lipstick is a light pigment, nail polish is sort of a pastel yellow(Really Pretty).I would buy again(another color) and would recommend!

L'oreal Fresco Eyeliner
First, let me start by saying "do not like the color" but the products is ok. The pencil glides on fairly smooth, color pay off is vibrant but on the creamy side. If your not fond of creamy eyeliners then this product is not the one. I would buy again but in another color, I also would recommend!

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lip Treatment/Brilliant
I truly like this product, not because it supposedly brightens your smile*side eye* but the color is beautiful. I would consider this color to be a plumish/fushia color. Very high gloss, just gorgeous! This is one of my favs, and for the price, I wish Dollar Tree had more, the one I bought was the last one =(..I guess people go there and snatch it up; I cant blame them. I cant wait to see what other colors Dollar Tree carries. I would def buy this product again and again, I would recommend to stack up!

Sally Hansen Moist and Matte Lip Color/Shantung
This product is amazing, I really under estimated what this product was about! The color is in the coral family, more of a peachy base. It has a slight shimmer to it, but it's def a matte finish. It can be used w/o a lipgloss or maybe some lip balm. For the price of a $1, you cant beat it! The only problem; I only found one! So upset, I literally looked through every product to find another one, but NO luck. This is one of those kind  of lip products that are a "must have". I need to find out Dollar Tree inventory, so I can be first on the line for this item, or delivery!

Here are the Swatches for the Hot Looks! E/S Palette
The lighting is not good.
Next up! Nars sheer lipsticks Review and Swatches in Beautiful Liar, Sexual Healing and Senorita. Nars is a high end brand retailed at $24, I know what your thinking, too high for a tube of lipstick. Well check out the review and swatches to see why Nars has such a great Rep!


  1. NARS oh yes!!!!! Cant wait for the review...I hear they're amazing from everyone. My make up artist used their products on me and my girls for my wedding & it was awesome!!!

  2. U know like I know that make-up is not my forte', but I am sooo wanting to venture into it!I really like how you do ya thing. I will be keepn posted on ya blog to help futher my interest in MK-up. I would like 2 see something about foundation, or hair care products, cuz I know You always know the GOOD stuff to use for growing healthy hair....I really like the BLOG! GO NEllY;)

  3. I actually like drugstore brands and beauty supply stores. They carry a ton of different kinds of make-up and hair supplies. I live in NY and there are beauty supply's just about on every other block, so it's plenty to choose from. I usually stick to lip products but that eye shadow palette looks worth buying. We do not have a Dollar Tree nor a Dollar General(not that I know of)however I have seen, Family Dollar. DO they carry the same products as the stores previously mentioned? I will look around and see what I can find in these stores. I have always loved nail polish, thats more my thing. The Sally Hansen 2/$1 I think is a steal! Thanks for the post & Much Success!


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