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Friday, April 1, 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeshadow in Ivory Lace

Well I should have posted this a while ago, Sorry Im just getting to it! In my CCO Haul, I purchased a few Mac items, and one Estee Lauder product, not intentionally. The CCo had some great things there but had only 1 paint pot(cant think which one, burgandy color) so, I wasnt interested. So I walked over to the Bobbi Brown section, then Estee Lauder when I noticed rows of the Double E/S.. Thank GOD! I've never tried a paint pot, but the E.L has Great reviews about staying power. They had a huge selection of colors but I chose to get "Ivory Lace" because, its a very light color with a sheer pearl like-finish. To compare to UD(Urban Decay) not as tacky, and packaging is not an inconvenience, furthermore, I only paid 13 bucks;)). I really, really like the E.L Double wear; does not crease at all and a little goes a long way! The sales woman in the CCO also agreed that it's a great base for shadows, However, I would not wear as a shadow, well the color I chose. I kinda regret not buying the other 2 I had my eyes on, I didnt want regrets after purchasing, due to the fact, the CCO is over an hour ride:((
I would rate the Estee Lauder x2 wear a 4 out of 5!!!

BTW..I really like the packaging for depotting other!

Thanks to all my Bff's & let me know your thoughts if you tried this product!!

Love<3 ProfeChanel

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