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Friday, April 15, 2011

DIY Facial Scrub

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The Picture above does not belong to me, however, I have my own personal DIY(do it yourself) facial scrub concoction,which works wonders! I use all natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen or a supermarket. I have combination skin,and sometimes can be very stubborn to products. I do not have sensitive skin, but have realized that some products I have purchased have irritated my skin. So, I went on a journey to find the best homeade facial scrub, and I have found it! Remember, all skin types are different, so what works for me may not work for you! I purchased a few "so called" organic facial products that claim to be so natural(i'm a no and have read the back of the jar, container whatever it's packaged in,and all I find is ingredients that a science lab tech could only know the meaning of it!

What I used to create the facial scrub
1.Sugar/ not too fine/brown  or white
3.Green Tea
5.Olive Oil/Virgin
6.Vitamin E Oil
8.Coffee Grind/ Optional
Mix together until it becomes paste-like, and that's it!

I actually wet my  face with cold water, then take a small amount(quarter-size) and rub all over the face,wash with cold water. This is Great for dry skin, because it moisturizes, however, for combination to oily you may want to use a toner after, to draw out some of the oil. The budget friendly thing about this is, you can make as much as you need without keep re-purchasing...uhmmm Money Saver!

If anyone has any other great DIY ideas, please feel free to share!

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Thank You

Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!


  1. I love anything DIY, they're so natural and fun to make. I need to try this one, because I have super dry skin! hmm what would the measurements be? I'm not very good at making these things :x

  2. Hey SiSi SParkles... Depending on what ur going to put it in. I used a 6oz Jar so I basically mixed until it became paste-like....*Sidenote*
    The consistency should be evenly but more oily...I also use coconut oil,and Shea Butter Oil, which is Optional!
    Thanx for the support

  3. thanks for the follow! i gotta try this, thanks for sharing! ;)

  4. @LJ...Ur so welcome...Thanks for the follow as well(;)


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