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Friday, April 15, 2011

Immunity; Natural Ways to Strengthen The Immune System

I have been on  a mission to change my diet! As I get older I realize, what I put into my body determines my health & longevity in living. I'm not going to get all "Nutrionist"on my Bff's But here are a just a few natural or vitamins that can help build the immune system.which fights off common cold, viruses and a host of other possibly harmful microbial infections,or inflammation.  Everything listed below contains STRONG anti-oxidants,which are known to help boost, nerve,mental,digestive,mobilty and a healthy immune system.

Kiwi(Vitamin C +)
Fish Oil(Omega3 Omega6) fatty acids like red salmon
Carrots(beta Carotene)
Lemmon Juice(Vitamin C)
Pistachios(highly recommended) high in anti-oxidants
Figs(potassium & manganese)
Wheat,Whole Grain(pasta,bread)
Green Tea

To all my Bff's I hope you all found this to be informative, maybe we can incorporate this in our everyday life. I pray for good health & longevity to all!

If you have any other health foods that you would like to share, please feel free!

Thank you

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Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!!

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