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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Until 2 weeks ago, I've never  heard of Sp3ctrum Cosmetics. I was on FB and Badassplatinum posted Sp3ctrum cosmetics on her wall because they were having and still having a $1 day sale on pigments. She always post all make-up sales, promo codes and bunch of other goodies, for her YT & FB friends...Thnx:))
Well I decided to try Sp3ctrum Cosmetics out!  The  Owner is Amber Rose(not her) and she's an esthetician from California. She creates mineral make-up that is FDA approved and non pore clogging. Sp3ctrum Cosmetics also supports Autism Research, which 30% of all proceeds are donated...Love It!
When I went to the site, I saw a link to Sp3ctrum's YT Channel. Amber Rose has videos about Sp3ctrum cosmetics and  her eyeshadow line. Speaking on the eyeshadows, they are so pretty and Vibrant and I LOVE how she named them...ex. A Woman's Secret(Purple-ish color) Black Body Radiation(Black-Multi sparkle) Caution(Bright-yellow Gold).
So I decided to take advantage of the $1day sale. I purchased 14 sample size shadows because those are the ones on sale for a buck, this way I'm able to check out a few shadows. The Pressed shadows are 5 bucks and loose pigments are 10 bucks. They do carry other things like, glitter, lipgloss, palettes ,and she also customizes shadows of your choice...that's great!
Here is  the list of what I purchasesd:  *Reminder these are sample size 5gm Jar with 1.02 gram of eyeshadow*
1.Sugared Belgian Waffle
4.Black Body Radiation
5.A Woman's Secret
6.The Woman In Black
7.Pink Kryptonite
8.Red Velvet Mud Pie (2x)
9.Take Off Your Cool
10. Rokk'n The Beat
11.Down Home Voodoo
12.4 Am Parking Lot
13. Urban Chic

Here are swatches:

4 Am Parking Lot/Light Green with gold sparkle

Urban Chic/ Black with purple& Turquoise sparkle

Blk Body Radiation/ blk with multi-sparkle

Down Home Voodoo/Brwn with Teal Reflex

Brown With Copper-tone Reflex

Take Off Your Cool/Soft Blue With Light Blue Sparkle

Magenta Pink/With Metallic Finish

Caution/ Bright Yellow with Yellow multi Sparkle

A Woman's Secret/ Dark Plum Purple With Hot pink & blue sparkle

Sugared Belgian Waffle/ Brwn-Peach Champagne

Famous/ Muted Gold With gold-multi sparkle

Red Velvet Mud Pie/Purple-Burgandy with Hot pink Sparkle

The Woman In Black/ Black With Red & Pink sparkle
My Review, I really like these shadows alot; I like the way she blended the colors together so well. I did swatch some on my hand and the pigmentation have a great punch, however ,must apply a base in order for shadows to be vibrant and stick. I truly have no complaints about these pigments, and I'm very happy with my purchase and I plan to order a few more is the link....Go And check it out!!!

I  will create a few looks with these shadows on my YT Channel for tutorials!

Thanx to all my BFF's

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