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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Leopard Diva Look!

Hi everyone...Ive been gone for awhile(sorry about that) I have been quite buisy since the holidays. My Bestie & Fiance and her daughter(my goddaughter) came to visit for the New Year! I really enjoyed myself to bits;D. Well anyway, I have been uploading vids on YT, and networking with so many wonerful people,PhashionQueen27, Badassplatinum just to name a few!

This Particular Post is all about my Leopard Diva 2 Face Look.....So I hope you all enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are?

BTW... I will be hosting a blog contest soon as I get to 50 followers, the contest will begin...YaY;0

I Hope everyone enjoyed and check me out on YT as 77ProfeChanel


  1. You're very talented! I really like this :)

  2. Thanx Ms.Viva Glam
    Truly Appreciate U stopping by
    Be Blessed<3

  3. wow this is great! very nice job

  4. Thnx so Much Ladies for ur nice comments....I'm an inspiring Mk-up Artist...and I have to venture Waaaaay Off!
    Luv Yall Bff's!

  5. Impressive! Thanks for sharing. Really talented!

  6. @LCTips...Thnx luv, appreciate you stopping by(*_-)


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