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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dollar Tree Again.....But E.L.F Was There!

So, this is how it happened, I went to Dollar Tree to get wrapping paper, right; I can't help but to browse the cosmetic isle. I was looking for some Maybelline Lipsticks that I had purchased yesterday, when I saw E.L.F Studio line lipglosses for only 1 dollar...what? They had the lip stains(miss for me) and the Minty lipglosses which each are named after a  major City. I already have Nashville and Miami from a previous order from a 50% off sale @ e.l.f. So this was my chance to try some of the other lippies. I only purchased two, New York and Boston, which I happen to like. I will go back and get some of the other colors like, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego and Chicago. For now I will review New York and Boston.

Studio Line

New York
Love the color, bright, sparkley fushia-sh hot pink color. Very different from what I would normally buy, but for the buck why not? These lipglosses can be worn with or without lipstick; I tried both! I combined New York with e.l.f's Mineral L/S in Barely Bitten, great combo...:D, I also love the Minty fresh feeling on the lips, it feels really nice! I also like the fact that the color is not overbearing and very sheer, but at the same time buildable.

This Lipgloss is  a plum, brown-ish, multi sparkles, toned down kind of color. This is a color that I would wear everday with or without lipstick. I have dark pigmented lips, so this gives it just enough color. I combined e.l.f's Bare Brown and Rosy Raisin, both I like! I can't wait to try the others..;)

My over all review of these lipglosses, they are pretty good! They are not too thick and sticky, but not greasy like vaseline. It actually last for awhile, w/o me having to constanly re-apply.....yay! For me to find these Studio Liipglosses saves me money, from ordering from the site S&H 6.95, online price 3.00, and with a 50% off code 1.50.....I am  a step ahead by only paying 1buck!

I think this would be great stocking stuffers, for my friends and younger ladies.
I will for sure post pics of the other lippies as well. BTW, I purchased ten Maybelline lipsticks the day before, I will post pics of everything I purchased ASAP!

Here are the Swatches on paper

To My Bff's
Thank you,

Remain Beautiful, Live Fabulous, Be Fierce!


  1. I sometimes get that white, chalky line on my lip with some of the shinier, thick lip glosses. Is it just some lip defect I have or is it something on the glosses. I try to do the "green" all natural glosses (cuz thats my lifestyle) but they're never as good...(sigh) - lol

  2. Hello!
    I love ELF products!
    Thanks so much for swatching these, I particularly lkiked "New York"!
    New follower here,

  3. I never find good stuff like that at my Dollar Tree.


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