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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Brush Set Under 10.00

I was watching one of my Fave YT Channels(badassplatinum) when she mentioned that she purchased the Sonia Kashuk Dripping in Diamonds 7pc Brush set for 15.00. So I made sure to pay Target a visit during my husband and I outing. Of course, he didnt want to go because he knew I was going to be looking at the cosmetic section for awhile, but I already knew what I wanted out of there. To make a long story short, at first, I didnt see much because the shelves were bare( Clearance Items sale). I just so happen to stumble across 1 set, however,  the box was slit open( look like with razor) and a brush was missing out of the box. I decided to go for it anyway, even though the price was $10.98. I also picked up a  Sonia Kashuk chrome silver handle huge Kabuki brush for $7.48. All the items were all on clearance. So I went to the register to explain to the cashier associate that the 7pc brush set was missing a long handled powder brush, she told me no problem and scanned  the item , she also did a price adjustment for......$1.99...WHAT!!!!!!!!!! I was able to get ALL six brushes for 2 bucks! Thats a Deal! My hubby said thats was worth "Him" waiting on! So in total I paid $7.50 for the Kabuki, and $2 for the six brushes....a total under 10.00.

If it wasnt for badassplatinum, I would have never went to Target to check  the sale out...Huge thnx to Her!! Well enough with the writing; here is the pic

1. Foundation Brush
2.Liner Brush
3.Crease Brush
4.Smudge Brush
5.Blending Brush
6.Shader Brush
7.Kabuki Brush

All in all review of these brsuhes are pretty desecent; not much to cmplain about, especially when I paid so little for them! I like the finish of the brushes very sleek!

Thnx to all my Bff's for stopping by (*_-)


  1. Great bargain! I've been wanting to try her brushes for a year now, I'll get around to eventually.

  2. I LOVE Sonia K brush sets! I hope I can cop this b4 they are all gone. LOL Thanks for sharing. :O)


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