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Sunday, February 13, 2011

OMG...Major Haulin;/

Today is a good day for me! I woke up(thnk God), and the hubby and I drove to the Tanger Outlet, for the purpose of visiting the Cosmetic Company Outlet. I was like a kid in a candy store, my eyes were browsing everything I wanted to take! I went straight to the Mac Section, and went for the lipsticks. By this time, the hubby can see that i'm in extreme bliss, so he decided to do his own thing until I was finished. The sales woman was sooooo nice, she helped me with every decision(without the pushy sales tactics) I made.
Anyway, I got a few things from the CCO
Lovin it
Sharp Focus
Fresh Brew(Hello Kitty)
Marquise D        
Naked to the Core
Hold the Pose

All's Good

Sea & Sky
Night Manoeuvres( Style Warriors)

Eyeshadow Suite
Sweet Liason

Little Darlings & Warm Pigments Set
Gold Dusk, Gold Mode, Melon, Gold Stroke, Reflects Antique Gold

5 Haute High Jinks Warm Pigments Set
Reflects Gold, jardin Aires, Rushmetal, Copperized, Museum Bronze

5 Cool Capers Pigments Set
Reflects Transparent Teal, Kitchmas,  Fushia, Grape, Deep Blue Green

5 Models Misbehaving Deep Lustreglass & Lipglass Set
Instant Gold, Pinkular, Gitane, Magnetique, Angel Wing

So, these are all the items I purchased at the cco, Pretty descent inventory, could have had a lil more eyeshadows, and lipsticks, but I,m pretty much satisfied, with my haul! For all the people in the SC area, I hear there is another CCO Not too far away from the one I went to on 501; Maybe that one has a  larger selection. I cant wait to go back! I told my hubs, we can go every three months, So I won't do much damage;0.......he gave me the side eye when he saw the! It was soooooo worth it, I will post individual Pics Soon!
 Thnx to all my Bff's


  1. damnnn okay so you fancy huh?
    lol jp jp that's a great haul too bad I got to wait til like April lol I'm restricting my spending on makeup for a bit. I envy you the cco by me doesn't have much selection

  2. @BADass Senorita....lmbo!They had another cco that was about 20mi away from the 1 I went to, but the hubby didnt want to drive...*side eye*..I was told that it carried a wider range, but I was happy with what I purchased! And me too with restricting myself, spending too much on make-up....This is it for awhile!

    Thnx 4 Stopping By (*_-)

  3. OMG you went "buck wild" @ the CCO! LOL Major damage! Some beautiful items you got. My hubby waited outside until it was time to pay. LOL Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. @1xellus1 Yeh, Most men can't understand the rush we have when we see things(girly stuff) in so many different colors, and variety! I had a ball in there, Out of respect of time I tried not to do too much damage, when he saw the bill, he just gave a look like thats how u wanna spend ur money(suppotive) hay, We only live once(*_-) Thanx for following hun, so appreciated!
    Thnx for followin


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