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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wet & Wild Nail Polish In Night Prowl

 I havent been bloggin lately or uploading any vids on YT, because so much has been going on; all good things! But I'm getting back in the habbit of things by, talking about this particular nail polish that I have been really liking lately. For Some,  Pastels and bright colors should only be worn in the Spring, but for me, whatever color im liking at the moment is what I will wear. With that being said, I recently purchased a Wet & Wild nail Polish (Night Prowl)....Lovin It!
 I would describe this polish as the base is a sheer black(buildable) with Hot pink(fine glitter)...Soooo Gorgeous! It's not like wearing black nail polish(but most would think so) but the glitter brings a pinkish like sheen to the color. I'm def not a black nail polish kinda girl, unless, it calls for that particular look, or if im going to design something over it. Here are swatches on nails.....NO TOP COAT!

Thanx to all my BFF's & let me know what you all think about this color?


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